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Cosentino winner at Agripina Advertising, Marketing and Communication Awards 2017


Cosentino Group has been awarded in three categories of Agripina Awards 2017, the Spanish advertising, marketing and communication festival which recognized advertising creativity.

In this edition, Silestone® Eternal, a unique collection has been awarded as best “Spot” 2017, the ad N-Boost has been selected best “Advertising Photography 2017, and Cosentino People has been recognized as best “Website” 2017. Three winning proposals where innovation and creativity play a key role and interact.

Silestone® Eternal, a unique collection  is a spot centered in the new Silestone® colour series Eternal, which reminds of the most exotic marbles. The audio-visual ad symbolizes the timeless and authentic beauty of marble, where nature veined elements are key and indispensable.


Creativity of N-Boost, Technology on Top is based in the new and revolutionary Silestone® N-Boost technology, which enhances the DNA of the surface of the material. This innovation repels liquids, enhances brightness and intensifies the colour. All these properties are translated in a subtle and straightforward way in this advertising graphic where the distracted look leads to the movement of a few drops sliding down the material.

Cosentino People Website, created by LaNegrita for Cosentino, is a differentiating and experience site which transmits the image of a human, innovative and attractive company. The goal of the web is to communicate by itself. Design, animation and development are integrated around a creative concept. With international character, the site is active in more than 50 countries.

For Cosentino, and specially for my team, it is a great honour that the Jury of Agripina Awards has recognized the work and efforts we have done this year in the advertising area. We were convinced that the result of each piece was extraordinary, and these awards confirm our view. This encourages us to continue working hard and show through advertising the quality and strength behind Cosentino and its innovative products.

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