The star facade

The facade can become the standard and main part of the construction job as it’s the emblem of the urban space. To do so you’ll need a unique material.
Image of Hooghe Towere in The skin of the structure - Cosentino
Hooghe Tower

Solid protection

Thanks to the physical and chemical properties of Dekton, the structure of the building can be wrapped in horizontal and vertical planes.

On one hand this advantage allows protection of the most critical points of the building, enabling it to withstand the most adverse weather conditions whilst lending prominence to the exterior design.

Image of Toha in The skin of the structure - Cosentino
Toha Building

Pieces that blend in with the structure

Dekton is able to blend in with the structure, making the most of its maximum dimensions which are 3,200 x 1,440 mm. This increases the possibility of showing the facade as a thin, proportioned element.

Image of Mu Jiaoxi Hotel in The skin of the structure - Cosentino
Mu Jiaoxi Hotel

Essence in vertical and horizontal

Thanks to the large format of Dekton, it is possible to cover floor to ceiling spans with only one single piece, respecting the shape the structure brings out. This emphasises the width of the gaps and the authenticity of the object.

Do you need help with your project?

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Do you need help with your project?

Get in touch with our specialists for advice

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