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Kitchens in pastel tones


Kitchens in pastel tones

Pastel tones are fast becoming popular in kitchens. Until now they were reserved for personalised bedrooms but more and more people are now using these colours to decorate the most important area of the home, the kitchen.

Kitchens in pastel tones

When should you use pastel tones?

Normally, the choice of pastel tones in kitchens is conditioned by the previous conditions. For instance, in dark kitchens, it is possible to look for a contrast to the neutral grey tone or a complementary tone to black, which are the classic colours used in these kitchens.

They are also often used in kitchens that need more light in which the amount of natural light that enters them is insufficient. Or they can be used to change the style of a white kitchen, by adding colourful tones that are not too deep.

Kitchens in pastel tones

Pastel colours for kitchens

The variation of whites may be used to achieve kitchens with attractive pastel tones, but in the event of wanting to use other tones, the most appropriate pastel tones are pink, blue, green and yellow.

Pink adds a cosy, familiar feel, while sky blue is elegant and relaxing. Green, normally in the “mint”variety, is brighter and warmer than most other pastel tones. Yellow is the most luminous of these four tones.

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