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Vintage kitchens


Vintage kitchens

The vintage style which is in greater and greater demand in kitchen decoration, is the favourite style of people who adore vintage environments and objects.

Vintage kitchens

Decorating a vintage style kitchen

This type of kitchen decoration is characterised by the use of furniture, utensils and household appliances that evoke memories of bygone times. All the textiles used will also be vintage.

This also applies to the sink and taps, elements which are also available in the revolutionary Silestone Integrity sinks for installing in the worktop.

Vintage kitchens

Vintage kitchen furniture

Light colours are the preferred tones in vintage kitchen furniture. The ideal furniture is the type that has glass doors.

Vintage style kitchens usually include wicker and wooden accessories, natural materials that can be combined with natural plants, and colours similar to natural stone with grains or veins.

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