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Eternal, a unique collection...

The colours of the eternal series are inspired by the world of natural stone. For this reason each slab includes a personal variation of veins and colour to turn every slab into a unique piece.

Eternal Calacatta Gold

Patterned with a blueish and grey vein plus golden shades, it is one of the most desired natural stones in history due to its whiteness. Eternity and elegance.

Eternal Statuario

A bluey white surface with light and bright veins in grey and pink hues. A statement of colour and harmony.

Eternal Marquina

With a deep black base and bright white veins, “Marquina” is one of the most exclusive and beautiful marbles found in nature.

Eternal Charcoal Soapstone

Greenish grey background with powerful white veins.

Eternal Serena

An earthy background with grey and green hues, slightly veined in pure white. The sand finish of Serena evokes both softness and light.


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