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Gunni Trentino: harmonious shapes create a cutting-edge facade

Mendoza+Simal Architects


Madrid, Spain




Popular Warm and Domoos



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700m2 of Dekton inspired by nature

The renovated headquarters of iconic design brand Gunni & Trentino packs a remarkable visual punch. Even from a distance, few could resist the head-turning impact of one of the most innovative facades in central Madrid, between the Paseo de la Castellana and the Paseo de la Habana.

Nature and its original forms play a key role in the design of this ventilated facade by the Mendoza+Simal architecture studio. The pattern of the hexagonal pieces, reminiscent of honeycomb, wraps around an invisible volume supported by a neutral base in black. All of this has been created using the ultracompact surface Dekton by Cosentino, which met the complex technical demands of the concept.

A ventilated facade with special requirements

The main idea behind the project to restore this facade was to create an impenetrable installation that would demonstrate the key concepts at play in Gunni&Trentino’s work: quality, exclusivity, rigour, elegance and timelessness.

It was clear to the Mendoza+Simal studio team that the project required a material that expressed originality whilst also meeting the architectural challenges involved in the avant-garde design. The ultracompact surface Dekton by Cosentino met both the aesthetic and durability criteria to clad the new headquarters’ ambitious ventilated facade.

Popular Warm and Domoos: contrasting extremes

The main facade of the headquarters radiates pure light. Made using 600 m2 of Dekton in the Popular Warm shade, the hexagons seem to take on a life of their own above the rear facade of the building, ending with Dekton in the dark shade of Domoos.

“We were looking for two colours: a basic black for the base of the building and another that would provide contrast with the one before and enhance the main volume. We wanted a light tone that would illuminate and highlight the skin as a single element,” explains José Manuel Moreno, partner and commercial director at Gunni&Trentino.

At a technical level, Dekton allows for large format pieces to be manufactured in all kinds of dimensions, which simplifies the cutting of elevations and minimises the joins between sheets, thereby creating a homogeneous image. Also, the precise edges that can be achieved thanks to the adjustable thicknesses allows for the creation of geometrically perfect pieces.

“With Dekton, we found a perfectly flat surface that can be adapted to the design of the desired piece with an impeccable finish”
Armando Gutiérrez Mendoza

Armando Gutiérrez Mendoza


The great interior design house

Gunni&Trentino is one of Spain’s leading high-end design brands, with more than 40 years’ experience as a supplier of luxury interior decor products. Its new headquarters in the heart of Madrid features a display space covering 3,000 m2, turning the building into the company’s flagship showroom for the world’s most exclusive interior design brands.

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