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Allaround Lab, the studio led by architects Noelia de la Red and Jordi Ribas, delves into the contemporary practice of reconverting old...

3 jours ago | Written by: Cosentino

Serpentine Pavilion 2022

Determined to create a space that reflects the artist’s hand and sensibilities, seven panels hang from the interior structure. In these...

5 jours ago | Written by: Cosentino

Non-Binary Cross Space

This revamped dwelling is located in an old fifteen-storey block built in the 50s. The pre-existing space was a heavily compartmentalized...

1 semaine ago | Written by: Cosentino

Manama post office

The office is one of the oldest buildings in the area of Bab Al Bahrain, dating back to 1937, where it served as Customs House for the port...

2 semaines ago | Written by: Cosentino

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