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Cosentino materials to dress Vitta Palermo, an innovative building in Buenos Aires’ trendiest neighbourhood

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Cosentino materials to dress Vitta Palermo, an innovative building in Buenos Aires’ trendiest neighbourhood

Grupo Uno en Uno

Numéro d'image 32 de la section actuelle de Cosentino materials to dress Vitta Palermo, an innovative building in Buenos Aires’ trendiest neighbourhood de Cosentino France


Buenos Aires (Argentina)


Silestone | Dekton


Worktops, wall cladding, flooring, washbasins

Épaisseur :

8 mm, 12 mm, 20 mm


Grupo Uno en Uno


Aura, Laurent, Bergen | White Zeus, Cala Blue, White North, Grey Expo

End date



355 m2

“Because we believe that it is possible to live in bigger, better spaces. Surrounded by greenery, even if we are in the middle of the city”. Under this premises, the architecture studio Uno en Uno developed the Vitta Palermo project, an innovative building that promotes traditional neighbourhood life without compromising on modern comforts.

Thus, the building stands out for its common areas – which include a modern swimming pool, a coworking space, a gym and a multi-purpose room –, as well as for the abundance of plants around its perimeter.

“At Uno en Uno we are constantly looking to add value to our projects. Years ago, in this search, we came across Cosentino, first through Silestone, and now also through Dekton. Ever since we discovered them, our customers have always appreciated the use of Cosentino products for their worktops, as they associate quality and design with the brand”, the studio says.

Dekton, key to achieving a WOW effect in the common areas of the building

Indeed, the kitchen and bathroom worktops in the Vitta Palermo flats feature Silestone White North and Silestone Grey Expo, respectively. White North is a neutral shade inspired by northern winters and reminiscent of the beauty and power of nature. Meanwhile, Grey Expo is a bright grey shade with a perfect, smooth finish, a timeless classic whose elegance never goes unnoticed.

Due to its low porosity and high resistance to stains, impacts and scratches, Silestone is one of the best choices for worktops exposed to daily wear and tear.

But this time, the architecture studio went one step further in its commitment to Cosentino with the choice of its materials also for the common areas. “For the lobby, we chose Dekton Aura, a surface that allowed us to create a geometric play by mirroring its veining and creating continuity in the cladding. Its matt texture was also key, as it was to be used as flooring in a high-traffic area”, say the developers.

And they further say: “One of the main amenities of our project is the SUM multipurpose room (which stands for ‘Salón de Usos Múltiples’ in Spanish), which serves as a meeting point. For this room we designed a big kitchen island in Dekton Laurent, which thanks to its colour, golden veining and texture enhances the design and makes the island the focal point of the room”.

In addition, the professionals also highlight the large size of the Dekton and Silestone pieces. “This allowed us to minimise the number of joints in the claddings and to create one-piece units for the island in the SUM room and the reception area in the lobby. The material’s resistance to scratches, stains and thermal shock was a significant advantage in relation to the intensive use of the common areas”, the studio says.

Cosentino products, star of the kitchens and bathrooms of the building

Cosentino products are also present in the gym. Specifically, Silestone Cala Blue was the material chosen for the bathroom countertops. “Its blue shade fits perfectly with the colour palette of the project”, they say.

As for the rest of the bathrooms in the building, the material of choice was Dekton. Specifically, Dekton Bergen was the surface chosen for the countertops of the integrated washbasins. “We chose it for its veining and elegance, which matches the blue cladding used on the walls”, the studio says.

Last but not least, the small kitchen in the coworking space also features the Spanish company’s products. In this case, Silestone White Zeus was the surface chosen for the worktop because of its “simplicity and purity”.

The main reason behind the extensive use of Cosentino surfaces? According to the managers of Uno en Uno, “the excellence of the material, its design and the ability to offer customers a product with a long warranty”.

Matériaux Cosentino utilisés dans ce projet

silestone blanco zeus

White Zeus

Cala Blue

Cala Blue

White North

White North

silestone gris expo

Grey Expo


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