Numero immagine 31 della sezione corrente di {{Dekton, the perfect solution for a garden exposed to extreme temperature changes}} di Cosentino Italia

DKTN, the perfect solution for a garden exposed to extreme temperature changes

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DKTN, the perfect solution for a garden exposed to extreme temperature changes


Numero immagine 32 della sezione corrente di DKTN, the perfect solution for a garden exposed to extreme temperature changes di Cosentino Italia


Bad Überkingen (Germany)




Worktop, flooring, stairs


100 m2





End Date



2 mm, 4 mm, 20 mm

Ulrich Held, second-generation owner of the sophisticated furniture shop and design studio Held – which has been in business for more than 60 years –, takes inspiration for his interior design projects from the well-known furniture fairs in Milan, Paris and Cologne. Its catalogue features well-established German and European manufacturers, who are committed to an environmentally friendly approach to furniture manufacturing.

So when the time came to design the exterior of this beautiful German house, the studio had it clear: DKTN, Cosentino’s ultra-compact surface, manufactured in Spain and carbon neutral from cradle to grave, would be the material of choice.

“DKTN is easy to clean and is available in large format slabs, which were two essential aspects of this project. It is also resistant to UV rays and moisture, which is crucial in Germany due to its extreme weather conditions, ranging from snow and frost in winter to very hot days in summer”, the studio explains.

Indeed, thanks to its almost zero porosity, DKTN is water and moisture resistant. In addition to this, its low coefficient of thermal expansion makes it resistant to extreme temperatures and even fire. Therefore, its performance in environments exposed to sudden temperature changes is perfect. Furthermore, as these experts point out, DKTN can withstand UV rays without affecting its colour at all.

DKTN Kreta, a contemporary and serene grey that stands out both indoors and out

With this in mind, the Held team used DKTN for the outdoor flooring, a step that doubles as a makeshift bench and the kitchen island in the garden. In all cases, the colour used was DKTN Kreta, a shade inspired by traditional cement floors that evokes a very contemporary sense of serenity.

Its design is homogeneous and restrained, although it includes darker or lighter areas depending on the density of the pattern. In addition, its matt texture and grey shade match all types of materials, making it perfect for any application. In fact, the studio highlights that DKTN can be used equally both indoors and out.

DKTN Grip+, a new anti-slip finish ideal for outdoor use

A very special finish was used for the flooring and step in this spacious garden. This is none other than Grip+, an innovative and advanced treatment that ensures anti-slip performance on DKTN surfaces, providing maximum protection, specially when the surface is wet due to rain.

DKTN Grip+ also offers a similar softness to standard finishes, providing a very pleasant feeling when walking barefoot.

DKTN Kreta was also used for the outdoor kitchen. This time, its standard finish was chosen. “It is an earthy grey tone that blends in perfectly with the interiors and the surroundings”, says the studio, which is more than satisfied with the continuous design of Cosentino’s ultra-compact stone – which offers a modern look thanks to the minimal number of joints used –, its easy maintenance and the possibility of using it in different applications with ease.

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