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Bathrooms are becoming ever-more elegant, stylish spaces for personal wellbeing and self-care. When it comes to renovating a house, the bathroom has become the second most important room – after the kitchen – in recent years. To bring personality and individual style to this space, there are infinite materials for flooring, toilets, wall cladding, cupboards, and more.

The Greeks and Romans had cultures with a refined sense of aesthetics and built public baths in which all the beneficial effects of water could be enjoyed. Public baths were also a social meeting point for discussing and debating philosophical topics. These baths (salus per aquam (spa)), just like many other concepts in Western civilization, are the origin of the bathroom as we know it today. And, just like thoen-gbnds of years ago, the bathroom is still the quintessential space for our personal well-being.

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If you’re considering renovating your bathroom and are looking for inspiration, we recommend choosing a colour scheme that will stand the test of time. Spruce up your bathroom with grey and white tones and choose a strong style that resonates well with the other rooms in your home. This perfect combination allows for a touch of colour to be added later in the form of accessories and furniture, with an enduring and impeccable base.

Here are our five ideas for designing a grey and white bathroom. Which one will you go for?


A grey and white bathroom is perfect for a Belle Epoque or 1920s-inspired style. Opt for a black or very dark grey marble on the walls or floor for a theatrical effect.

Bring these elegant materials together with one wallpapered wall. The beginning of the 20th century was also famous for its passion for all things Eastern. We recommend a wallpaper with a Japanese-design for a standout feature in your bathroom. If you’re looking for that wow factor, it also works perfectly in the guest bathroom.

Image of casadecor2018 estudio viteri lape%C3%B1a.jpg?auto=format%2Ccompress&ixlib=php 3.3 in グレーとホワイトを使ったバスルームのための5つの素晴らしいデザインアイデア - Cosentino
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An industrial-style grey and white bathroom should always have some features in black, for example, iron edging, taps or furniture (a stool or armchair).

Opt for a sober base colour on the walls and floor to lend visual continuity to the space. We adore the grey Kreta by Dekton model and the white Calacatta Gold by Silestone, both of which lend themselves perfectly to this style.

Other options for an industrial finish in your bathroom are micro-cement and hydraulic floor tiles.


Our third design proposal for your grey and white bathroom is a rustic style. Although you may find these colours a little cold at first for a traditional design, they actually work perfectly together. The key to combining them is wood, with worktops, for example, and a vintage-style toilet and washbasin.

Go for a freestanding bathtub with or without legs and complete the rustic bathroom look with baskets and a straw chair.

Image of ba%C3%B1o gris blanco scaled.jpg?auto=format%2Ccompress&fit=crop&ixlib=php 3.3 in グレーとホワイトを使ったバスルームのための5つの素晴らしいデザインアイデア - Cosentino
Image of Dekton Bathroom Natura 18.jpg?auto=format%2Ccompress&fit=crop&ixlib=php 3.3 in グレーとホワイトを使ったバスルームのための5つの素晴らしいデザインアイデア - Cosentino


We’ve made it to our fourth style: Nordic. There couldn’t be two more perfect colours for this style than grey and white. We recommend pale tones and a “powder” finish. Straight lines, natural beech wood and wall-hung toilet and washbasins reign in Nordic bathrooms. In this way, you’ll achieve a very clean and architectural style.

We also recommend adding further character to the room – for example, a banana plant in a natural fibre pot and simple long mirrors for effortless style. The result will be an organic and balanced room.


Our next idea is perfect for those looking to update their bathroom whilst keeping things simple. If you’re a fan of modern grey and white bathrooms with the latest technology and all the comforts, the minimalist trend is for you.

Picture a stunning shower cubicle, a full-length heated towel rail, a wall-hung toilet with a concealed water tank for a seamless touch and a super sleek finish for the walls and flooring. This style is undeniably sober and functional: no vanity kits or bathtubs with legs for this stylish design.

And that’s it from us. If you need more inspiration for your ideal bathroom, take a look at the Cosentino Pinterest board that we’ve put together especially for you. Say yes to grey and white shades for a look that never fails.

If you’d like to see the product in person after browsing online, you can visit your closest Cosentino City. We’re sure they’ll give you the best advice for kick starting that bathroom renovation that you’ve been putting off… 2020, here we come!

Tags: Bathroom, Dekton, Industrial Style, Silestone | 2年 ago | Written by: Cosentino

Tags: Bathroom, Dekton, Industrial Style, Silestone | 2年 ago | Written by: Cosentino