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Best-selling colours of the meditarranean series

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Silestone whites

Silestone offers you up to 18 different shades of white to start designing your Mediterranean style home. For the flooring, we recommend the colours Miami White and Iconic White in a polished finish. As for kitchen worktops, we go for surfaces with subtle veins, such as the classic Calatacatta Gold, which reminds you of the waves of the sea, or the Bianco River. Finally, the colours Blanco Capri and Tigris Sand (with suede finish) in the ochre tones of the sandy beach are our choices in terms of bathroom wall claddings.

Mediterranean Colours

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Calacatta Gold

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Tigris Sand

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Calacatta Classic

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Dekton whites

Dekton is the perfect solution for residential housing façades, floors and vertical cladding. In a Mediterranean style house, the traditional whitewashed or painted bricks can be replaced with one of the Dekton finishes, a more efficient and sustainable option.

We choose the colour Kairos in large format because it reflects the light of the Mediterranean like no other does.

As for the X-Gloss or Ultra-gloss finish, we go for the Halo Solid Collection.

Mediterranean Gallery

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Other Mediterranean shades

In addition to Dekton whites, there are other combinations and finishes that are perfect for our Mediterranean style. Dekton Baltic, an intense blue colour, contrasts very well with any white shade. In ochre and earth tones, we recommend Liquid Shell, Danae and Edora. All of them are sober and elegant alternatives that you never get tired of.

Mediterranean Gallery

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Mediterranean style decorative tips

Ranging from cladding to worktops, washbasins to shower trays, Cosentino offers you a wide range of ideas to create a Mediterranean look in your living room, kitchen or bathroom:

  1. Remember to use black or grey as a base and brown or copper as secondary tones.
  2. As for the finishes, the volcanic or ultra-textured finish is the most suitable. But do not overdo it. The key is to combine them to achieve a distinctive industrial decoration.
  3. Unify your space with a single material for the floor so that you achieve the loft effect. Opt for the large format to create an infinite and seamless space that reminds us of polished concrete.
  4. For wall cladding, there are several materials to choose from. Combine black and grey and leave an unfinished wall, with exposed bricks and imperfections.
  5. When you choose taps, lighting and furniture, remember that iron and black are your best allies.
  6. For a bolder style, add some features in brushed copper, for example on taps or handles.
  7. In line with brown shades, tobacco-coloured leather is ideal for kitchen stools, chesterfield sofas or armchairs. If your space also features an antique finish, the industrial effect will be more than guaranteed.
  8. Embrace the charms of the industrial style by finding inspiration in a good film… in black and white!
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