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Best-selling color of the minimalist series

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The most minimalist Silestone colors

Minimalist decoration finds in the Silestone Loft Collection its perfect companion. This urban collection makes a journey through five iconic neighborhoods around the world where minimalist style comes to life. For their simplicity and good taste, our choices are Camden, a beautiful taupe, and Seaport, a grey full of nuances.

The Zen Collection, with a clear Japanese influence, is also an interesting option for our minimalist style. The colors Haiku (beige), Kensho (grey), and Unsui (brown) are perfect on their own or in combination with each other.

Silestone Iconic White and Blanco Zeus are a safe bet when it comes to conveying purity, light, and spaciousness.

Minimalist Gallery

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Industrial + Minimalist

The Dekton Industrial Collection also works very well with the minimalist style. After all, they are all trends from the first half of the 20th century that influence and feed off each other.

From this collection, we are fascinated by beige tones- Lunar and Nilium - and materials mimicking cement - Soke and Orix. Remember that cement is a key material in this decorative style.

Minimalist Gallery

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Minimalist style decorative tips

Ranging from cladding to countertops, vanities to shower trays, Cosentino offers limitless possibilities to create a minimalist look in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom:

  1. Devote time to the architectural aspect of the project. Choose clean and simple lines in harmony with, and respectful of the natural environment.
  2. Make use of large windows and glass panels to maximize light and space.
  3. Choose simple and neutral materials to create large vertical or horizontal monochromatic surfaces. Allow yourself to play with textures as the only concession to your minimalist decoration.
  4. Choose furniture wisely, avoiding anything superfluous. Go for furniture with great expressive power, in straight lines, and without ornaments.
  5. Use only the necessary fabrics, always choosing those that are made of 100% natural fibers.
  6. Let vegetation be part of your indoor space by creating small gardens of Zen inspiration.
  7. In short, turn your home into a temple of peace, balance, and wellbeing. And remember that minimalism does not mean having little, but having enough, and being happy with that.
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