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Chicago joins to C-Guide in World Cities Day


With this new addition, C-Guide offers users the best in contemporary architecture from 7 major cities which add up to more than 1,500 reference projects

World Cities Day is an exceptional opportunity to reflect on the places we live in and think about their future, especially at this time when activities in these places are being continuously and drastically redefined. With the aim of educating and informing about the importance of architecture and urban planning, the Foundation for Contemporary Architecture and the Cosentino Group are moving forward in the establishment of C-Guide as a global guide to contemporary architecture, adding more than a hundred new projects located in Chicago, which are now accessible free on the website and the app for mobile devices.

The modern architectural tradition, born in Chicago in the late 19th century and developed throughout the 20th century, is widely present in the city’s contemporary architectural culture. The many restoration and modern heritage preservation projects included in the guide are proof of this. Thanks to these projects we can enjoy some of the greatest architectural landmarks in history, such as Robie House, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple and Mies Van der Rohe’s Lake Shore Drive flats.

City Hide Park – Studio Gang

Home to the first skyscrapers, Chicago continues to produce outstanding examples of high-rise architecture, updating the building design through new formal expressions and incorporating new applications beyond the traditional office. An example of this is the Aqua Tower by Studio Gang, whose wavy terrace façade generates, in the designers’ words, a “vertical community”, a very effective strategy during the long period of confinement. The university community plays a key role as a source of quality architectural production in our cities. In Chicago, Mies Van der Rohe designed the renowned Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), setting a modern direction for the city’s campuses, and since then a number of architects have provided valuable inputs in this regard.

University of Chicago – Studio Gang

In recent years, the city has also shown an interest in developing new linear public areas that open up spaces for citizens to enjoy and promote sustainable mobility. One of these examples is the renovation of the 606 railway infrastructure as a linear park and cycle path. The cultural sphere is also a source of leading contemporary architectural projects in the city of Chicago, including the Modern Wing of the Chicago Art Institute, by Renzo Piano, and the Wrightwood 659 exhibition space, designed by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando.

N Franklin – John Ronan Architects

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