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Cosentino at Casa Decor Madrid 2020


Casa Decor Madrid 2020, perfectly showcasing “The Collection Dekton® 2020”

Cosentino is present at Casa Decor Madrid 2020. ( 55th chapter – Velázquez 21 – 5 March-19 April). Well-known and prestigious Spanish designers place their trust in innovative Dekton®, Silestone® and Sensa by Cosentino® surfaces to create unique and inspiring spaces.

Espacio Natuzzi Italia by Raúl Martins – “Dandy Lounge”

Images   Space P3.13

For Natuzzi Italia, Raúl Martins has created “Dandy Lounge”, a comfortable, relaxed and immersive room where the senses are always alert and fulfilled. The designer has exclusively made use of “The Collection Dekton® 2020” in designing his space.

Dekton® Khalo, applied on two wall claddings, brings lots of personality and verve to its surroundings, while Dekton® Rem, used as a vertical cladding, affords a much more tranquil feel to the entrance, through its light and veined background. Finally, Dekton® Liquid Embers, used on pedestals holding Medici goblets, has been chosen for the dark roundness in its finish.

Jaime Jurado – “Lobby Hotel Art 76”

Images  Space P3.02

Jaime Jurado has designed “Lobby Hotel Art 76”, a very light space where Nordic and Mediterranean styles meet, using precious, simple and natural materials, as well as pleasing textures. The artist and interior designer has opted for “The Collection Dekton® 2020” colours.

The fireplace area stands out thanks to an eye-catching upper beam by Dekton® Laurent as well as its spectacular random veining. The central tables, shaped as cubes, as well as the side pedestal, project elegance and character, using Dekton® Liquid Shell.

Javier Escobar“Mediterranean vibes”

Images.   Space PB.05

Javier Escobar has been tasked with creating the “Mediterranean vibes” public baths, inspired by the harmony and warmth of the Mediterranean.

The interior designer has used Sasea, one of the new colours in “The Collection Dekton® 2020”, on large-format, vertical walls with a slim width Dekton® Slim (4mm). The entire flooring for the space uses pieces with a variety of cuts and forms in white Macael marble, from Natural Stone by Cosentino.

ESNE – “aMARme”

Images.   Space P1.04

“aMARme” is the corridor area planned by students from ESNE University School of Design, Innovation and Technology, on the first floor of Casa Decor Madrid.

The aim of this design is to raise awareness of the problem in the oceans, and the amount of plastic found in them. The new and brilliant Dekton® Helena, with its balance of whites and cracked greys, extends a welcome to this sustainable corridor.

Tristán Domecq“The Art of Living Frigicoll”

Images.   Space PB.08

The restaurant “The Art of Living Frigicoll”, designed by Tristán Domecq, is a mixture of modern products and materials (electrical appliances) and everyday materials (mud and lime stucco).

The design’s neutral base inspired the interior designer to opt for a colour that is both full of character yet subtle: Dekton® Taga for countertops and bars. The restaurant tables are Dekton® Strato, their grey cement finish being in total harmony with the rest of the decor.

Soledad Ordóñez – Bontemps – Les Espaces. “Sweet Camila”

Images.   Space P3.04

The “Sweet Camila Resting Place” concept by Soledad Ordóñez is a relaxation room, divided into two spaces which perfectly blend into one another. On one side, the space is home to a living room where you can relax on a sofa by a warm fireplace; on the other, a wonderful Silestone® headboard gives way to a bathroom, reading and dressing area.

Silestone® Eternal Noir affords the headboard an architectonic shape, extending to the fireplace and the surface of the dresser; with a striking aesthetic design. The main entrance features a table, topped with the simple elegance of Orinoco from Sensa by Cosentino®.

Gärna Studio – “Narciso”

Images.   Space P3.08

Gärna Studio has created a contemporary art gallery, inspired by the myth of Narcissus, his reflection, art, and the beauty of beholding a painting.

The architect and interior designer Laura Gärna and GÄG Art Gallery co-founder Enrique García include, within the “Narciso” space, resin and neon pieces by Fernando de Ana, as well as artwork by Martina Rodríguez, at the entrance.

The space’s central wall is decked with the spectacular White Macaubas from Sensa by Cosentino®, a quartzite run-through with sumptuous fine grey veining.

Patricia Fernández Häring – Fundación Aprocor – “Potencia el verde”

Images.   Space PB.06

Fundación Aprocor will be present at Casa Decor Madrid 2020 as a guest supporting entity. The architect and city planner Patricia Fernández Häring has taken on the task of shaping its “Potencia el verde” [“Power to Green”] space, intended to send out a message of sustainability and to raise the awareness of people with learning difficulties.

The Dekton® surface, in its dark Laos colour, is used as a canvas on which their photographs and pictures are showcased.

PR Casa Decor Madrid 2020, perfectly showcasing “The Collection Dekton® 2020”

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