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Cosentino featured in seven spaces at Casa Decor

Silestone and Dekton are present in seven spaces in Casa Decor 2018

For yet another year, we seized the opportunity to have the best interior designers, decorators and plastic artists use our materials to recreate their extraordinary areas for the 53rd edition of Casa Decor Madrid. Of the total 67 spaces decorated by the professionals, seven feature a wide variety of Cosentino products: table tops, kitchen countertops, bars, sinks... Here are the highlights from our different areas:

‘Feelings' Dining Room, by As Interiorista and Alfaro Arquitectura

The name of this room already conveys that this space is inspired by emotions. It consists of a fusion of cultures and architectural, pictorial, sculptural and photographic trends, where the sensations of avant-garde cuisine can be enjoyed to the max.
The area, which is very colourful, is dominated by a dining table with one leg (the other is metallic) and a top made of Dekton® Entzo, offering a very luxurious aesthetic by mixing golden tones for the veining with the pure white beneath.

‘Art' Living room, by Jaime Jurado

The interior designer and plastic artist Jaime Jurado has created this lounge with sober and elegant colours, adding a bold and fresh touch in one of the most important pieces of the living room: the sofa. A space which would not be complete without art and which also features Dekton® Entzo, although this time in the form of table tops, a sideboard and supports.

‘The Apartment', by Ele Room 62

In this small apartment, the people in charge of the project, Inmaculada Recio and Silvia Trigueros, have expressed the importance given by Belgians to their home, recreating practical, well organised spaces, which do not compromise on elegance. In particular, they used Dekton® Kelya, which is inspired by black marble with light streaks, for the countertop on the kitchen island and the laundry liner.

‘Apartment for Ofelia', by Raúl Martins

The furniture company Natuzzi has entrusted this project to the interior designer Raúl Martins, who has designed two sophisticated, harmonious environments with no shortage of textiles: bedroom and living-dining room. In this case, Martins uses Dekton® Aura 15, with a marble effect, for the lid of a beautiful auxiliary piece of furniture and a decorative composition on the wall.

‘A journey through time' Public Baths, by Miriam Alía

Miriam Alía draws influence from the avant-garde aesthetic of the 60s to design spectacular bathrooms with dramatic effects. The walls and floors incorporate a relief effect to become three-dimensional elements. In this "journey through time", the interior designer aimed to create a space where Hollywood glamour and luxury come hand in hand. That's why she incorporated a washbasin made with Silestone® Blanco Zeus, with straight and sober lines.

‘A Garden of Contrasts' Terrace, by DmasC Arquitectos

Casa Decor Madrid's rooftop is a luscious green area; a kind of mini-garden to escape from the urban environment. The space mixes outdoor and indoor elements, with two greenhouses. In fact, one of these includes a bar made with Dekton® Entzo, chosen by DmasC Arquitectos, which as we have seen throughout this tour of the exhibition, was also previously chosen by the family company As Interiorista, as well as the interior designer and plastic artist Jaime Jurado.

‘Dorian's Story' Auditorium, by Silka Barrio

Silka Barrio takes us to a place where our imagination will run wild; a place of stories, fables, legends... Nature invades this space to the very last corner with technical textiles, used in the chairs, ceilings, walls and decorative elements, as well as carpets and tiles with prints of works from emerging artists. And to top it off, the catering bar and one of the pieces of furniture have been coated with Silestone® Eternal Marquina, with a dark black background and bright contrasting white veins.

Casa Decor 2018 will close the exhibition on 25 March. Why not come see these and other spaces for yourself? Visit us on Calle Francisco de Rojas no. 2, in Madrid, and check them out.