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Cosentino improves standards in the natural stone industry

Brazil, Natural Stone | 2 years ago | Written by: Cosentino

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In 2018 Cosentino Latina Vitória, Cosentino’s industrial complex in Brazil, has demonstrated their own operations are in line with Level 1 of the TFT guidelines for extractive sites.

TFT (The forest Trust) is a non-profit organisation that helps companies in the private sector transform their supply chains for the benefit of people and nature. For the Cosentino Group, a key priority is to ensure the raw materials used in its products are extracted according to the most rigorous quality standards while respecting human rights and the environment.  

Natural Stone Commitment by Cosentino

With this objective in mind, in 2016, Cosentino launched its project “Natural Stone Commitment by Cosentino“, which promotes the extraction and manufacturing of natural stone while conserving the environment and improving living standards for those who works in quarries and natural stone plants. Adrian Medina Regional Director Cosentino Latina equipo Cosentino colaborador con proyecto TFT lr 1 | Cosentino Since that very moment, the Cosentino Group, together with the TFT, has visited the Cosentino processing unit of Latina Vitória (Brazil), some of the largest quarries Cosentino is working with in Brazil and the processing plant of Rainbow Stone (India) to ensure the objectives of the “Natural Stone Commitment by Cosentino” are met. The primary objective of the “Natural Stone Commitment by Cosentino” project is to work over time with our supply chain to encourage the human and labour rights standards to be respected and improved.


Cosentino Latina Vitória

Cosentino Latina Vitória is the specialist plant which creates Sensa by Cosentino®, the range of granites and quartzites with special anti-stain protection. With facilities covering 65,000 m2 Cosentino Latina Vitória has a daily production capacity of more than 2,500 m2 of Sensa by Cosentino® slabs and it´s currently the leading natural stone exporter in the whole of Brazil.

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Rainbow Stone Ltd

In 2018, and thanks to the support of the Cosentino Group, the Indian natural stone supplier, Rainbow Stone Ltd, has also demonstrated their own operation are in line with Level 1 of the TFT guidelines for extractives sites. Last month, Siva Reddy and Tomas Alonso, CEO and Sales Director of Rainbow Stone Ltd, respectively, visited the Cosentino headquarters in Cantoria, Almeria. Planta de Rainbow Stone Ltd 1 1 scaled | Cosentino

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