Cosentino Joins Andalusia’s Health Strategy to Promote Healthy Habits in the Workplace

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Image 31 of Jose? Mari?a Marti?n Ferna?ndez y Alvaro de la Haza lr 1 in Cosentino Joins Andalusia's Health Strategy to Promote Healthy Habits in the Workplace - Cosentino Cosentino Group, global company in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for the world of architecture and design, adheres to the Andalusian government's Junta de Andalucia's "Program for Health Promotion in the Workplace". The aim of this initiative is to promote a healthy lifestyle among employees which includes a balanced diet, regular practice of physical activity and smoking prevention an cessation. The agreement has been signed this morning by Executive Vice President Corporate Functions and General Secretary of Cosentino Group, Álvaro de la Haza, and José María Martín Fernández, Almeria Regional Delegate for Equality, Health and Social Policies. Image 32 of Visita Delegado Salud en Almeria a Cosentino Equipo Delegacio?n Equipo Cosentino lr in Cosentino Joins Andalusia's Health Strategy to Promote Healthy Habits in the Workplace - Cosentino The goal of this agreement is to establish alliances for the promotion of healthy life style habits which contribute to prevent pathologies like heart diseases or cancer and enhance the work environment of employees. In the document, the Regional Delegation for Equality, Health and Social Policies compromises to give council, technical support and teaching materials for joint actions, awareness-raising talks or specific workshops. Cosentino Group compromises to promote the diverse initiatives and programs about healthy lifestyle habits among its employees. And will as well share information about the actions taken with Andalusia government's Health Department to evaluate the impact and design further strategies. Andalusia's Government Health Department Program for the Promotion of Health in the Workplace is framed under the Plan for the Promotion of Physical Activity and Balanced Diet established by the Junta de Andalucía in 2004 and is available in the website The plan aims to introduce healthy habits in the population, supporting decisions about healthy and balanced diets, as well as about the benefits of undertaking adequate physical exercise for each person. One of the objectives of this plan is to promote these habits as protection plan against prevalent pathologies like heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and various types of cancer.