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Cosentino presents ‘Pardis’ at Dubai Design Week 2020

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‘Pardis’ is the outcome of a Persian paradise garden created by Kuwaiti Interior Architect & Designer Meshary AlNassar for Cosentino built entirely out of ultracompact Dekton®. ‘Pardis’ is being exhibited these days in Dubai Design Week 2020

Located between Building 9 and 10 at Dubai Design District (d3), ‘Pardis’ is a contemporary take on the ancient Persian paradise garden constructed entirely out of Cosentino’s ultracompact engineered surface Dekton®. Its minimalist design embraces the versatility of Dekton® as flooring, freestanding walls and seating whilst evoking a sense of calm with its abstract representations of water.

This is achieved through the deliberate use of colour ways from the Dekton® Liquid by PATTERNITY collection inspired by liquid, the beauty of nature, environmental awareness and sustainable design practice. An elegant desert garden enlivens the space while LED lighting transforms the installation by night, stoking a mood of intrigue and excitement.

Talking about the partnership, Cosentino’s Middle East Marketing Manager Miriam Llano said, “This year’s outdoor-focused edition of Dubai Design Week is all about redefining and reimagining the way we live in a COVID-impacted world. Our response to this theme was to create ‘Pardis’, an installation of hope and community re-engagement. ‘Pardis’ is also a celebration of the spirit of collaboration where the creativity of Studio Meshary AlNassar meets the innovation of Cosentino.”

Elaborating further on ‘Pardis’ as an urban sanctuary, Designer Meshary AlNassar added, “In our world today, physical distancing and safety measures are critical and have to be integrated creatively into the user experience. Our new world scenario has allowed us to reflect on the role of design in creating a sense of wellbeing. It has also forced us to go back to the basics and connect with nature. ‘Pardis’ is a simple reminder of what our bodies and minds crave – to enjoy the simple beauty of the outdoors.”

An escape from the claustrophobia of enclosed spaces, ‘Pardis’ is envisioned to be an open space for work, a place to recharge, a place for quiet contemplation and inspiring conversations. As part of Cosentino’s commitment to sustainability, the installation will remain in d3 for a period of 6 months till April 2021, beyond which the materials and flora will have a second life as it finds its way to be reused and recycled.

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