Cosentino promotes the Circular Economy and Industrial Simbiosis

The conference on "The Circular Economy: synergies and opportunities for sustainability," organised by the Cosentino Group in partnership with Europa Press.

The Circular Economy as a lever for business and regional transformation, sustainability as a driving force for new economic opportunities, and the role of industrial symbiosis to use resources more efficiently by taking advantage of synergies between companies were just some of the themes covered this morning at the conference on "The Circular Economy: synergies and opportunities for sustainability" organised by the Cosentino Group, in partnership with the Europa Press agency. The event, held at the Assembly Hall of the Fundación Cajamar in the city of Almería (Spain), brought together more than 120 attendees to hear first-hand about the latest trends and advances in this new economic model, which imitates the processes and efficiency of nature and aims to preserve the value of products, materials and resources (water, energy, etc) for as long as possible, reducing waste to a minimum. Expert speakers included Nicola Cerantola, an industrial engineer, expert in sustainable design and entrepreneurship and founder of Ecologing, who spoke about the transformation required on the part of the business sector in relation to what environmental resources have to offer. With the  Government playing a key role in this paradigm shift, the necessary vision from its part was explained by Ms. Susana Magro, Director General for Environmental Quality and Climate Change for the Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development Ministry of the Andalusian Regional Government. In her speech, Magro outlined that "the Andalusian future Circular Economy Law, now in blueprint, and the Waste Integration Plan will allow us to have a stable, coherent and clear legal framework for all parties involved, and we will be a national reference, always within the calendar of the EU. " The conference also included an interesting round table discussion, led and moderated by Vicente Galván López, Director of Ferrovial's Environmental Responsibility Centre, and joined by companies representing various business sectors from across the province of Almería. Participating in these debates were Guadalupe López, Project Manager for Tecnova; Marta Sánchez de Puerta, Project Manager for Frutilados; Ramiro Angulo, Head of Water at Alta Suez, and Antonio Urdiales, Environment Director for Cosentino Group. All of the participants were in agreement on the current relevance of adopting real, concrete measures towards waste reuse and water management, agile and flexible regulation that favours innovation, and proactive "circular" management that seeks out and promotes solutions. Finally, the event was brought to a close by Ms. Carmen Crespo Díaz, Minister for Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries, and Sustainable Development in the Andalusian Regional Government. In her speech, Crespo praised Cosentino Group for their work in the region, and she highlighted the recent start by the Andalusian Regional Government of the final formalities to declare the expansion of Cosentino's Industrial Park in Cantoria (Spain) of "Strategic Interest for Andalusia". In addition, Crespo declared that "this government is very committed with the situation and possibilities of our companies and of our land. The Circular Economy Law is one of our main priorities, and we are sure that it will open new possibilities and increase the efficiency in water management in our region, of energy and of environment in general, to make it truly sustainable". PR_Cosentino promotes Circular Economy