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Cosentino publishes its CSR Report 2019

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The company have improved their ratings regarding employment, environmental control, health and safety and innovation. This consolidates non-financial aspects of environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) aspects.

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Cosentino have once again published their 2019 CSR Report so all parties interested can find out about the company's performance and their contribution to the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) . The company have contributed more specifically and substantially to 5 out of the 17 SDGs, the ones most related to their activity. The document includes their Non Financial Information Report (NFIR). This adds transparency to this type of document and it has been prepared following the information requirements and GRI standard indicators (GRI: Global Reporting Initiative).

Employment and training: quality, innovation and safety

the multinational company are consolidating their identity as an employer, reaching 4,785 employees in 2019, 91% of which have a permanent contract. This figure is 11% higher than the previous year. In addition, further progress has been achieved in the fields of equality and diversity, with up to 75 different nationalities represented in their workforce. The number of women in managerial positions reached more than 14% with 23% of the workforce being female, showing their sincere dedication to gender equality. Image 34 of Aula FP Cosentino2 1 1 in Cosentino publishes its CSR Report 2019 - Cosentino In terms of health and safety, Cosentino continues to be a benchmark in risk prevention and occupational health for both its employees and the entire value chain. In 2019 the company managed to reduce the accident rate at all its work sites by 17% compared with 2018. It also consolidated its "Seguridad por Rutinas" programme, increased the number of internal training hours by almost 8%, held 2,200 external training sessions and invested Euro 12.8 million in safety systems for its production and processing plants in Almería, Brazil and the USA. Regarding to innovation and R&D, Cosentino launched new products and innovative solutions such as Dekton® Slim XGloss, the Dekton® Grip+ anti-slip treatment, and Chromica and Liquid, new collections for its ultra-compact surface. Cosentino´s total investment in this field in 2019 amounted to Euro 18.6 million.

Sustainability and commitment to the Community

Cosentino increased the waste recycling rate by 33%, and produced 1.45 million m2 of slabs from recovered or recycled material, which is about 20% of total production. Furthermore, thanks to mobility initiatives and energy efficiency projects, the emission of more than 15,000 tons of CO2 was avoided. Image 35 of Exterior Planta Silestone Cosentino HQ 1 1 2 in Cosentino publishes its CSR Report 2019 - Cosentino This commitment to both the planet and the environment also extends to the region and nearby surroundings where the company operates. In 2019, Cosentino donated Euro 1.1 million to community welfare, and continued to improve the education of young people through the various activities carried out by the Eduarda Justo Foundation. In the same way, they have continued to support art and culture as sponsors of the Iba?ez Cosentino Art Foundation. Image 36 of foto ciudad cultura ibanez Cosentino 1 1 in Cosentino publishes its CSR Report 2019 - Cosentino
According to María del Mar Martínez-Cosentino Ramos, a Member of the Board and president of CSR Committee, "this document is a source of pride for the entire organization because it shows, in a transparent and public way, not only our commitment to SDGs, but also the joint and efficient work of all the company departments to meet both, the Non-Financial Information Statement and the Global Reporting Initiative indicators. And it confirms, without a doubt, the correct implementation of our environmental, social and governance policies which shape our sustainable business model".

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