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Dekton® Scondido designed by Remy Meijers

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In his 25th anniversary year, the renowned interior and product designer designed a unique bath furniture especially for Cosentino that adorns the shop window in the brand new Cosentino City Amsterdam inspiration center.

Scondido, a freestanding bathroom furniture designed entirely from Dekton® by Cosentino, originated from the idea of a solid, monolithic block of stone. For this solitary bath furniture, the Dutch designer was inspired by the material Dekton®.

Remy Meijers has captured the powerful appearance of Dekton® in the design. The primordial shape of a stone block is the basis for this unique bathroom furniture that is perfect for both solitary in a room, as a duo, or as part of a driving arrangement.

The furniture, which looks like a design object, contains two hidden storage spaces which are integrated into the shape of a chest of drawers on the side of the furniture. As a result, the furniture can accommodate all kinds of bathroom supplies. Grooves have been cut around the entire block to create a tough, elegant look. For the tabs Remy Meijers chose Dornbracht Mem Brushed Brass (matt-gold) in the execution in Laurent and for the model in Laos the Dornbracht Mem in Dark Platinum Mat (mat-anthracite).

The production of the furniture is pure craftsmanship: the interior consists of American Walnut wood carefully custom-made in the furniture processed by Bom Interieurs. The sides, drawers and the sink are made of Dekton®, entirely custom made by Lenarduzzi Natural Stone.  The furniture can be placed plug and play, of course in a bathroom or bedroom but for example also as a functional design object in a lobby, reception or reception hall. 

Remy Meijers: “I wanted to design a piece of furniture that could be included in a room like a piece of art, and still have practical features. Scondido stands for hidden, which is a nice contrast since the furniture certainly stands out in the room but has hidden extras.”

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