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Dekton® Slim


Cosentino introduces Slim: an innovative take on the Dekton® ultra-compact worktop with a new thickness of just 4 mm.

Slim is a whole new revolution in surfaces in architecture and building projects – it combines the amazing technical and mechanical features that Dekton® is known for with a new and much thinner, lighter and manageable format for installation.

With its reduced thickness (4 mm) and weight (10 kg/m2), its light format means that Dekton® Slim is the ideal choice for projects that require high performance and lightweight materials.

This makes Dekton® the perfect material to use as cladding for furniture, doors or large panels, and much more.

Slim perfectly complements all the features and properties that Dekton® has been known for since day one: Dekton® worktop is highly resistant to scratch marks, stains, thermal shock and ultraviolet rays. What’s more, it has a very low water absorption and can even be produced as one single piece. Dekton® also looks fantastic and can recreate the effect of any type of material with an impeccable level of quality.

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