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Dektonclay by Cosentino & Apparatu

Cosentino presents Dektonclay, a new project designed by Apparatu which explores the versatility of the ultracompact surface Dekton®. This project is result of the collaboration started three years ago between Cosentino and the ceramic atelier and Spanish design studio lead by Xavier Mañosa.

Dektonclay can be visited during the 15th edition of Milan Design Week.

For this new Dekton® project, Xavier Mañosa explores the concept of the Kitchen, creating a collection of pieces that gathers cooking and eating through one material. Attracted by the idea of using the same material in every part of the kitchen, he presents a collection of table and kitchenware, furniture pieces and even a kitchen itself. The ovens, the kitchen top, the structure and the handles are created with Dekton®, modelling, pressing, extruding, and firing, pushing the malleability of the material in different artisanal processes, all together with the easy but decisive strength of the fire coming from the stove.

The aim of the ceramist was to discover new ways of working with Dekton®, to find out how the material behaved under different temperatures or conditions of density; to find out how versatile Dekton® could be; and the different uses to which it could be subjected.

Dektonclay combines Apparatu’s crafted pieces with the industrially produced ultracompact surface in its black colour Spectra XGloss.

Xavier Mañosa: “I chose this Dekton® XGloss finish specifically because its spectacular glossy surface contrasts with the matte finish of the moulded pieces that serve as a support, thus creating a very powerful glossy/matte visual effect.”


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