Hotel in Yilan, Taiwan with Dekton® façade

Image 32 of Le Meridien Taipai Dekton fac?ade 1 in Hotel in Yilan, Taiwan with Dekton® façade - Cosentino 3.800m2 of the ultracompact surface Dekton ® by Cosentino have been applied for the façade of the hotel MU Jiaoxi (former Le Meridien) in Taiwan. The hotel Mu Jiaoxi (former Le Meridien), located in Yilan county, is a 5 star luxury hotel which offers a unique experience to its guests, with a beautiful avant-garde architecture, and a wide diversity in quality services and amenities. The building, finalized in July 2017, applies in its façade 3.800m2 of Dekton® by Cosentino ultracompact surface in the colours Aura (1,300m2) and Kelya (2,500m2). Image 33 of Le Meridien Taipei Dekton fac?ade 2 in Hotel in Yilan, Taiwan with Dekton® façade - Cosentino Trans Globe, the owner of the hotel, fell in love with the aesthetic of Dekton® Aura and its similarity to Carrara marmor. Dekton® Kelya was chosed for its perfect contrast with Dekton® Aura, as well as with the façade design as a whole, and for its sophisticated design. The natural character of Dekton®, its advanced technology and easy maintenance were key elements to develp the project. The advantages and benefits of Dekton® ultracompact applied to the façade Dekton® allows a uniform design to be created, making all the walls of the building appear clad in a single covering. Qualities such as its high resistance to ultraviolet rays, its resistance to extreme temperatures, its very good dimensional stability, its colour stability, its resistance to scratching, its low porosity and its high stain and graffiti resistance are essential properties for its use for exterior façades with these characteristics. Image 34 of Le Meridien Taipei Dekton fac?ade 7 in Hotel in Yilan, Taiwan with Dekton® façade - Cosentino Dekton® by Cosentino has ETA 14/0413 (European Technical Assessment) and CE (for ventilated façades in accordance with ETAG 034) certifications that attest to its ideal nature as a cladding for ventilated façades. Project details: Name: MU Jiaoxi Hotel Address/Location: Yilan, Taiwan Total surface area of the project: 3.800m2 Relevant dates: Project finished July 2017 Architecture Studio Architects: TMA Architects and Associates Owner: Trans Globe Constructor: Ruentex Group Cosentino Materials: Application: Façade Anchor system: Fisher Anchor Material: Dekton® by Cosentino Colour: Aura and Kelia Thickness: Kelya in 20mm thickness and Aura in 12mm  and 8mm thickness Quantity: 3.800 m2 Formats: 140cm x 120cm and 85cm x 120cm Download here: Case Study Hotel MU Jiaoxi Yilan Taiwan ES-EN