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Silestone Institute participates in Caravan of Health

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For the third consecutive year the Caravan of Health will travel over the next six months the Spanish geography to show families the benefits of a healthy diet and some tips to achieve a safer diet.

The 'nutribus' is composed of an educational area and a playful one in which workshops are held that seek to disseminate, among the youngest ones and in a playful way, that a good diet and maintaining healthy habits of life are fundamental for growth. The sessions are divided into two parts: the first is nutrition advice and the second the children prepare the recipes created by Ferran Adri? and explained by Disney characters in the book 'I tell you in the kitchen'. The Silestone Institute, meanwhile, will give workshops Express where 10 keys to manipulate food in the domestic kitchen are explained.

One of the most special stops of the Caravan of Health will be next October 16 at the headquarters of the Cosentino group in Almería, coinciding with the International Food Day. During the day the employees will know accompanied by Maite Pelayo, microbiologist and expert in food safety of the Silestone Institute, ten keys to hygiene in the kitchen. This session is part of the CSR activity of the Cosentino Group, which aims to provide valuable knowledge to society in order to improve the health and well-being of people.

For Santiago Alfonso, Director of Marketing and Communication of the Cosentino Group, 'being part of the Caravan of Health promoted by Disney, Ferran Adri? and Carrefour allows us to continue spreading knowledge about good habits in the kitchen to society.'