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Steffany Hollingsworth’s Tribal Kitchen


The Tribal Kitchen, rich in warmth and texture, represents a well-traveled homeowner, not unlike Silestone Trendspotter Steffany Hollingsworth herself. The room centers around a fireplace, a feature that traditionally brings people together. The kitchen design, which incorporates products from Cosentino, Kohler and Benjamin Moore, evokes an instinctive feeling of being connected to tribal and historic roots. Steffany and her team used new Silestone Eternal Serena and Marquina in Suede throughout the space.

Steffany Hollingsworth answered several questions about the look and function of her kitchen design:

Who did you have in mind when you designed this space and how do you imagine them using it?

We envisioned a well-traveled couple who enjoys cooking together, entertaining friends and family yet enjoys a leisure existence when home: Enjoying a good sunset, a good book, and hanging out with coffee or a glass of wine in front of the fire. As throughout history and cultures, the fireplace brings people together.

Your work often draws on the colors and motifs of the Southwest. Is this something you carried into this kitchen design?

While we are based in the Southwest, we really aimed at the design and style of this Kitchen being more “tribal”, and cultural-centric, versus one geographic area. We celebrate cultural influence of all kinds, and enjoy weaving their craft, motifs and materials into our work.  We also weave the influences of nature into our work; whether in an inferred or literal way as we believe it nurtures the soul– something we intend for the interior spaces we design.

You use a wide variety of texture, pattern and materials in your design. What advice do you have for homeowners on layering textures and patterns? How do you keep it cohesive?

Yes, good observation. This stems out of the above question, in that the material, pattern and textural language with cultural/ tribal derivatives, be it woven (pendants), printed (tiles), or surfaces provide context and narrative to be interpreted. We like to infuse raw with refined, playing both against the other. We strive to provide the sense of authenticity in materials and references. I was so excited by the new Silestone Eternal series. The Serena Suede and Marquina add a cohesive feel, making the transition between raw and refined seamless. Cohesiveness comes with organized direction, careful curating and editing.  It is taking the fewer, strongest elements that contribute to the concept, and seeing how they best play together in a complimentary way.

What drove your sink and faucet pairing choices? Why multiple sink stations? Do you see that as an important trend in kitchen design?  

We chose the Whitehaven apron sink with the Hayridge design as we loved its uniqueness. The casual aspect of the apron sink and its textural quality lent itself perfectly to our design. The 8 Degree sink was a perfect answer for its shape and simplicity for the bar area. The Simplice faucet style was selected for its soft, organic contemporary lines, and of course the matte black finish aligned perfectly with the palette. We do see multiple sink stations as maintaining a demand, as it distributes overlapping tasks, diverts use traffic and in this case allows one to be primarily used for a beverage station, though it could double as supplemental prep or clean-up area.

Do you have any kitchen design tips for homeowners thinking about remodeling or building?

Try not to go too trendy, where regret may seep in later… interesting yes, but not “of the moment”.  The kitchen is one room where form must take a backseat to function, though that doesn’t have to mean compromising on aesthetics.  All of the appliances, the lighting, the durability and maintenance of the surfaces, and the way in which it best supports its use (often multiple uses- entertaining, meal preparation, and family gathering among them) for efficiency and ease.

If you had to put a name to the design style of your room, what would it be and why?

We named our design “Tribal Instincts”, as we wanted to create a Kitchen that evoked a more casual, natural, contemporary-yet-nurturing space often seen in desert environments across the globe.  We strove to convey a lifestyle experience — one that is savvy, comfortable and lived fully.  We gave a Smokey undertone to an otherwise warm room and then further carried the Smokey theme with the charred wood cladding the refrigerator and hombre smoked finish on the cabinets.

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