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«The kitchen, the heart of the home»

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The Silestone Institute has presented today the report "Global Kitchen: the kitchen, the heart of the home" at Cosentino City Madrid.

It´s a publication that reflects how social changes and the new lifestyles of the 21st century are affecting the design and use of this room. A multifunctional space that regains its position as the vital nucleus of the dwelling and ceases to be basically feminine. It goes from hosting the most traditional activity in the preparation of food to becoming a space to worship health and wellbeing, as well as the care for the environment. Image 34 of Espacio para cuidar de la salud 2 scaled in "The kitchen, the heart of the home" - Cosentino Moreover, social media are the real stars in this space as they are the tools to approach the culinary culture and transform consumption habits according to energy efficiency, sustainability or recycling criteria. Image 35 of Espacio para reciclar baja 2 in "The kitchen, the heart of the home" - Cosentino According to the opinions of 23 international experts and to the results of the surveys conducted on citizens in 9 countries, the kitchen has turned today into a very versatile room. It is the family meeting point during meals-in 43% of the cases-, a center to control our nutrition and health -62% take care of their diet and 31.1% do not resort as often to convenience food- an area of gratification and personal learning when cooking, a space to work or meet guests - 40% of the survey respondents- and a platform to carry out actions to take care of the environment -78% separate waste correctly, reuse more than before and reduce the consumption of energy and water-.

Presentation at Cosentino City Madrid

María González and Juanjo López (architects and professors), Xevi Verdaguer (psychoneuroinononology reference), Rodrigo de la Calle (chef), Pilar Navarro (Communication in Cosentino Group), Merc? Bala?a (Silestone Institute) participated in the presentation of the study. The act was moderated by Marisa Santamaría (journalist). Image 36 of Foto ponentes 2 scaled in "The kitchen, the heart of the home" - Cosentino

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