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A 35 square metre studio with everything you need to live and enjoy without a care in the world

Sqala Interior Design

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Poznán (Poland)


Dekton | Silestone


Kitchen worktop and front, bathroom countertop, table tops, console unit


Radosław Słowik (@radek_bilbil)


Sqala Interior Design


Kelya | Ethereal Noctis



The ancient Chinese used the Yin-Yang principle to explain the laws that govern the changing movement of things in the universe. In their system of thought, there were two opposite extremes: one negative, dark and feminine (yin), and the other positive, luminous and masculine (yang), and from their interaction all things were created and dissolved. In Western aesthetics, however, masculinity is often represented by dark colours, straight angles and austere pieces. These are the characteristics of the 35 square metre studio designed by Sqala Interior Design in Poznán, a bustling Polish city halfway between Berlin and Warsaw.

The project presented designer Katarzyna Tomaszewska with a great challenge: to create a multifunctional and masculine interior design in a very limited space and to meet the very specific requirements of the owner, a young investor.

Dekton brings a sophisticated and easy to maintain colour to the kitchen

“It was necessary to provide the studio with a functional kitchen with a large capacity fridge, a large work surface and stylish cabinets to match the aesthetics of the living room,” says Tomaszewska. To achieve this, Dekton Kelya, a shade inspired by dark marbles with light veins, was used on the wall and worktop to create an elegant and cosy atmosphere. Kelya combines beautifully with the wooden fronts of the tall units and the black colour used for the rest of the cabinets.

The living room area is finished off with a work space and a ‘rock effect’ wall that blends in perfectly with the rest of the exposed plaster walls. In addition, the room features a four-seater table, a sofa bed and plenty of storage space. The prevailing aesthetic of the studio is characterised by great attention to detail, as demonstrated by the choice of high-end Italian switches from Vimar SpA, which allow the automation of various functions in the home.

Silestone to dress up several studio spaces and achieve beauty, consistency and functionality

“The investor was concerned about the durability of the solutions and products, so the tops of the coffee tables and the dining table were made of Silestone Ethereal Noctis. In addition, to make the space seem larger, the hallway features large mirrors that are complemented by a console unit, also made in Silestone,” says the designer.

Just like Dekton, this stone with black and grey touches on a textured background crossed by short veins offers a very resistant and durable finish. Both surfaces withstand scratches and high temperatures and are virtually stain resistant. All of this made Silestone Ethereal Noctis also the surface of choice for the bathroom countertop.

“The interesting thing is that the customer accepted the studio’s first proposal, falling in love with its dark and subtle colours and its sophisticated and functional textures,” the studio says finally.

Cosentino's materialen gebruikt in dit project


Deze nuance, een beetje eigenzinnig en bij uitstek geschikt voor unieke ruimtes, is geïnspireerd op donker marmer met lichte vegen.

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Ethereal Noctis


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