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Auction of a sculptural table to mark the launch of the new Dekton Pietra Kode collection

New Era Tiling

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Ngatea (New Zealand)


Dekton Pietra Kode


Coffee table




New Era Tiling


Gk07 Ceppo


12 mm

The versatility of the ultra-compact Dekton stone offers endless possibilities for designers and architects. Seeing this highly durable material used as a creative tool all over the world is a real privilege. This case study focuses on one such unique, unconventional and very striking application: the structure of a coffee table made with an almost sculptural level of modern craftsmanship.

The table is currently on display in the Paton Kitchens showroom in Ngatea, New Zealand, having been purchased at auction in Auckland during the launch of the new Pietra Kode collection at the New Era Tiling headquarters. With this new collection, created in collaboration with designer Daniel Germani, Dekton reinterprets the timeless beauty of three classic stones: Vicenza stone, Travertine marble and Ceppo di Gré.

Throughout the event, this particular piece stole the spotlight, making the charity auction a close call. All the money raised was donated to a charity (Live Ocean) in support of World Ocean Day. Creativity and awareness, all in one.

Dekton Pietra Kode forms the structure of an exceptionally creative coffee table

The ultra-compact Dekton Gk07 Ceppo stone, whose hues draw inspiration from the Italian stone Ceppo di Gré, also offers technical features in the creation of this work, which strikes the perfect balance between function and artistry. He continues: “It allows us to cut mitres at over 62 degrees without any problem and to work the slabs efficiently with maximum performance, thanks to the durability and consistency of the material”.

Horst Schosser, Director of Auckland-based New Era Tiling and the mind behind the design of this table, explains his choice of the ultra-compact Dekton Gk07 Ceppo stone: “Dekton surfaces have visual depth and show the quality of the product, which is the most important to us when creating our high-end products”.

Cosentino's materialen gebruikt in dit project

VK07 Ceppo

Gk07 Ceppo


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