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“I love materials that combine beauty with functionality such as Cosentino. Easy to maintain yet very beautiful.”

Anne-Catherine Gerets - now known as "Clo Clo" - is an interior designer, content creator and art director. Under the name Clo Clo, she brings together all the creative ideas that her imagination provides her with and presents them on her interior design blog. On her online platform and social media you will find simple and accessible creative ideas with a modern look that reflect her personality. With an eye for detail and aesthetics, she describes the latest trends in interior design, decoration and design. Her ideas, concepts and posts appeal to a wide audience, but are always 100% Anne-Catherine. In 2015, she launched her own studio, Clo Clo Studio, which allows her to realise her decoration projects and communication assignments. A few years later, she published two books within two years of each other: "Insta Interieur" and "Into Interieur". In 2019, she opened the interiors shop Tillborg in Brasschaat with her husband Michael.

Ever since I was 18 years old, I was interested in interior design/ colors/ materials

Starting my blog made me realize that I could use these skills on a professional level and made it my profession. One or two years after starting my blog (in 2014), I was asked for an interview as a stylist. After that I started writing for interior magazines and later even opened my own interior shop.

A self-taught interior designer

“I didn’t learn it at home. Although I learned from my mom the importance of good quality. I have always been a creative person with a love for beauty and aesthetics.” Ever since I was 14-15 years old, she scrolled through immo websites to dream about the lovely town houses.

It has always been a dream to write for magazines

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After starting my blog, I had the opportunity to write a trial piece for an interior magazine. But unfortunately, it was not good enough. One year later I got to write for another magazine focused on women’s interests and this time it was more than good enough. I consider this a milestone in my career because I had been dreaming about it even since I was little. Six months later I got to write for the interior magazine VT Wonen and I also got to present my own Tv show ‘Wonen’ which got broadcasted on the local television chains ATV, TVOOST, ROB-tv and TVL.

Another big project I am proud of is my own book (2017): Insta Interior, and two years later my second book: Into Interior. The approach of the books is to not make interior design too difficult but very comprehendible for everyone, bite-sized like cookbooks.

My surroundings such as magazines, IG, influencers

I don’t have one big favorite, but generally well-known designers and or great architects such us Frank Lloyd Wright. I used to go to the library to consult books on interior design/architecture and look at how they deal with certain forms and materials. I get inspiration from all my surroundings such as magazines, IG, influencers. I like to mix materials and create a vintage touch in interiors.

Natural-looking materials

Wood is very important and should always be present in the interior, but also natural or natural-looking materials such as stone, natural stone or Silestone. Interior design is about finding a balance, a kind of yin & yang. I like to combine vintage with new elements.

I get my inspiration from the 50-70ties

I like the mid-century modern and bungalow brutalist styles with lots of concrete. I have always been a fan of 110-year-old mansions but prefer to combine them with furnishings from the 60s.

I don’t have one favorite color

It changes every 2 or 3 years. Currently, I am a fan of natural shades with a splash of bright colors. I used to be a fan of the Ibiza/boho style with green tones, before I was more into pastel colors and before that more vintage in combination with petrol blue. I am mainly guided by what’s trending.


In her kitchen, she opted for Silestone from Cosentino, ``because the heart of the house should not only be beautiful, but also functional and easy to maintain,`` she explains. ``We wanted a worktop that was pleasing to the eye, but also functional and easy to maintain, and we also wanted to get the value for money right,`` says Anne-Catherine. ``Silestone Blanco Capri met these expectations perfectly. It is resistant to stains, scratches and knocks, which is absolutely essential in a kitchen.

70’s, 90’s and Mediterranean style

Interior design heading to influences of the 70’s: rough look, concrete, brutalist; influences of the 90’s-also Memphis design, strong play of shapes and colors and through accents in the decorations; and Southern/Mediterranean influences: red tones from terracotta to deep earth red. These always come back. And of course, materials that combine beauty with functionality such us Cosentino. Easy to maintain yet very beautiful.

Not one specific style

But always a combination of new and old elements, but also Japanese and Scandinavian influences. I also like a brutalist style, for example: concrete ceilings or floors; just like in my shop or the concrete floor in my own house.
Image of Silestone Sunlit Days Arcilla Red detail web in Anne-Catherine Gerets, « Clo Clo » - Cosentino
Arcilla Red, the new color of Silestone Sunlit Days collection, inspired by Mediterranean colors.

Reading people's styles is the biggest challenge

Knowing exactly what customers want. Sometimes customers themselves don't know what they want, or they provide one picture, but this obviously does not determine their entire style. Reading people's styles is the biggest challenge, but it also makes the job super interesting. I have a library in my head with images of styles to try and pin them down.

Up next

I have already realized a lot of dreams I had in 2015: book, shop/webshop, TV program. What I still dream of is expanding my shop, but also living bigger again myself to be able to work with more spaces in my own interior. But also, to create my own brand, although I first want to gain a lot of experience with the shop. Conceptually, we're also thinking of opening a shop that combines interior and coffee, so with a catering area or more tailored to children as well, interior for children's rooms, etc.
“I love natural-looking materials such as Silestone.”
Clo Clo

Clo Clo

Décorateur D'intérieur

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