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A monolithic arch in Sensa Platino gives character to a new fashion shop in Madrid

Case Study

A monolithic arch in Sensa Platino gives character to a new fashion shop in Madrid

Estudio GAS



Madrid (Spain)






20 mm


Germán Saiz / Portraits: Adrián Madrid


Estudio GAS



End date



4 slabs

Fashion designer Jorge Redondo, Creative Director of Redondo Brand, has just opened his first fashion shop in Madrid, for which he has opted to create a new concept of luxury with which to present his clothing line through an immersive experience. Located at 25 Claudio Coello street, in the Barrio de Salamanca neighbourhood, the shop has been designed by Gonzalo Aquerreta, from the GAS estudio architecture studio, who has managed to convey the brand’s identity in his proposal and, at the same time, create an elegant, somehow neutral design which becomes the perfect context for Redondo’s fashion designs.

“We wanted to create a space reminiscent of the idea of luxury in terms of the materials used and the richness of the space, with an ultra modern language and noble materials, such as stone”, Aquerreta says. Two main materials have been used in this project, with Sensa Platino by Cosentino being one of them.

The premises consist of a 120 square metre shop and a 150 square metre warehouse. Originally, the space was very compartmentalised. Thus, the major architectural challenge was to create a unified design. According to the architect, the aim of his design was “to create a narrative that invites the public to enter the shop, go through it and make the space itself part of the shopping experience”. For Jorge Redondo, the aim was to achieve “a space where his designs would feel at ease”.

The chosen colour palette, ranging from grey to beige, creates a neutral feel throughout the shop, combining classic and contemporary styles.

A monolithic arch clad in Sensa Platino

Jorge Redondo, who specialises in party wear in bold colours and exuberant shapes, has quickly risen to become one of the most prominent designers on the Spanish fashion scene. This is his first shop and it features his ready-to-wear collection and the Redondo Edition, a series of limited edition pieces. The architect took all this into account when designing the different areas of the shop, with a first floor dedicated to more affordable clothing, and a ground floor with a cosy and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for more exclusive clothing.

“It was clear to us from the beginning that we wanted to have an important element that, right from the entrance, would welcome the public and have that touch of quality architecture and luxury”, explains Redondo. Thus, the first floor features a gallery concept in which the large monolithic entrance arch, which has been clad in Sensa, catches the eye as soon as one enters the shop.

The power of Brazilian quartzite

The colour chosen for this main element was Sensa Platino, a Brazilian grey quartzite whose mineral composition gives a sense of purity. Its irregular, sinuous veining creates an elegant movement that is complemented by its balanced leather finish, a special texture without shine. “The colour fits perfectly with the grey walls and also adds that touch of classical architecture that we wanted for this project”, says Redondo.

By using these materials, the architect has succeeded in creating an atmosphere that stands apart from the opulence of other fashion shops. “We wanted to avoid histrionics while maintaining the brand image that Jorge demanded, and always evoking manual work and good workmanship”, says Aquerreta.

A cosy ground floor

Creating a contrast with the first floor, organic and curved forms were used for the stairs leading down to the ground floor, where the changing rooms are located.

A large settee dominates this relaxed space with minimalist steel furniture, such as clothes racks and shelves, designed ad hoc by GAS estudio.

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