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Sand and white expanses with Mediterranean character

In this project, the architect designed a Mediterranean and modern house with cubic volumes and modern floor plans.

The Mediterranean style can be seen in the white walls, reminiscent of the whitewashed houses of southern Spain, and in the continuous large-format floor that evokes the seaside. A warm, durable, and practical material that connects the terrace, porch, and bathroom spaces.

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The warmth of Dekton® Danae

Dekton® Danae from the Natural Collection is a timeless material that blends perfectly into any space. Its limestone beige tone is reminiscent of sand.

It is available in 320 x 144 cm format, making it the perfect choice for flooring.

There are 5 thicknesses (4, 8, 12, 20, and 30 mm); ideal for countertops, furniture, and wall cladding both indoors and outdoors.

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1 - Flooring in Dekton® Danae

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