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White, timeless and bright kitchens for every style

If you want to redesign your kitchen and look for a long-lasting solution in terms of decoration, white will take a central position in your design. And just when your kitchen lacks space or enough light, this color will help to change the overall perception of the space and create a feeling of space and brightness.

Unlike other colors that are more daring or risky, white kitchens are timeless and remain untouched by fashion and trends.

At first glance, white kitchens may seem boring, monotonous and cold to you, but you can easily add furniture and materials in other colors and textures to enhance the color scheme.

White comes in a variety of tones and shades that you can use to create a personal and stylish touch. Not all shades of white are the same or convey the same feeling: pure white, eggshell, silk, vintage white, porcelain, creamy white, chalk, ivory … Each shade conveys other sensory impressions that allow you to design your dream kitchen, exactly to your needs and preferences. Here are the best ideas and how to implement them:

The worktop is one of the more relevant surfaces, both functional and aesthetic. It is the material that you choose for that surface and / or the tile mirror, which can create different decoration styles.

If you prefer polished, flawless and bright surfaces, you can grab both Silestone and Dekton. Here you will find different white shades:

  • Pure white: Iconic White, Blanco Zeus Extreme, Montblanc, White Diamond or Blanco Stellar by Silestone deliver a modern and glamorous look.
  • Warm and comfortable: on the other hand, the warm white tones of Silestone such as Blanco Maple, Cream Stone or Pulsar give your kitchen an inviting touch full of personality and style.
  • White with texture: If you choose white as a central element, you can access material with different textures. Dekton offers a variety of possibilities in the white color field: Makai with a wood finish or Aura 15 and Entzo in marble texture, which are currently among the most modern solutions – just like the brand new colors from the Natural XGloss series Fiord, Tundra and Glacier.

Also, be sure to create an overall look by choosing the same material for the worktop and tile mirrors or walls.

Did you know that if you choose a Silestone worktop, you can even choose a sink made of the same material? Discover the integrated cymbals as the perfect way to create unity.

White, immaculate furniture:

If you have decided on a perfect white kitchen, remember that the type of furniture plays an important role in the decorative style of your interior. Here you will find the best options for every taste:

  • Classic or Traditional Style: If you choose this style, choose treated wood or white-painted furniture, preferably combined with solid and glass fronts or open shelves to perfectly showcase your kitchen appliances. You can also add romantic-style details such as drawer handles, engravings or kitchen utensils.
  • Modern style: Choose furniture with straight and precise lines, with very simple and sober handles or even completely handleless, in white shades with a matte or glossy finish that will make your kitchen even more modern. Integrate all devices seamlessly into the environment so that the consistent look is never interrupted.
  • You can also use white as the main color spectrum within an industrial style. Mix the white cabinet and drawer fronts with stainless steel elements and later add professional kitchen equipment in the distinctive style of the distinctive style.
  • White is certainly one of the best ideas for creating a Nordic style kitchen. Dare to combine flawless white with a natural wood floor to create a warm look. Add accessories made of other materials and colors to create an attractive contrast look without losing sight of the basic white color.
  • If, on the other hand, you wish to design a warm and unique rustic style kitchen, use rough-grain wood furniture, lightly stained white, to see the texture and rustic finish of the wood.