A Room for Archaeologists and Kids
ETH Zurich & PUCP
Pachacámac, Peru
In the valley of the Lurín River lies Pachacámac, one of Peru’s most visited archaeological sites, and this work that seeks to provide visitors with a rich educational and cultural experience.

It was carried out by architecture students of ETH-Zurich and PUCP in Lima, under the direction of Guillaume Othenin-Girard and Vincent Juillerat. They managed to design and execute it  in just 3 weeks, dividing themselves into groups and drawing up 15 different projects to later combine them in a single ensemble.

A one-level timber structure 37 meters long and 16.3 wide forms a covered arcade around a courtyard.  Enclosed by panels of vertical bamboo sticks, two spaces with a concrete floor can be used for storage or for exhibiting archaeological finds. One of the long wings serves to accommodate events or as a work area, while in the other wing, excavations can be replicated by visiting schoolchildren.

The architects were especially careful to use local materials, as in the timber structure and the roof. The wood comes from Peruvian forests and the Amazon Basin, and the roof is made with a polyester fabric commonly used in greenhouses of the region, giving up to three layers of shade.

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