Architecture on the Road
Norwegian National Scenic Routes
A project with the objective of recovering the use of national roads in Norway by creating routs in which we find architectural interventions, most of them carried out by Norwegian firms.  

The development of the highways in Norway left the vernacular routes that ran along national roads in disuse. This circumstance is common to the rest of Europe, but was especially dramatic in the Nordic country because of the extraordinary landscapes that were being left behind. The project launched in 1993, and still in progress today, set out to recover 18 of these routes with the addition of architectural, artistic, or landscaping projects that equip the roads with the necessary services and establish natural milestones. This initiative helps to support far-off towns that are disconnected from the main roads while developing a completely innovative program that becomes a touristic and cultural magnet. The 18 routes and more than 1.600 kilometers that cross the country from north to south will have around 250 resting areas, parking lots, and viewpoints in 2024, spaces carefully designed by different architecture and design studios. Today 60% of the facilities have already been completed, in most cases by Norwegian firms, among which Snøhetta or Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter, but also by international studios like that of Peter Zumthor. Thanks to these routes, the old national roads that were abandoned with the construction of highways become useful once again, and have a role in boosting the local economy, always respecting nature.

VARANGER (01) / Steilneset. Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner + Louise Bourgeois / © Andrew Meredith
HAVØYSUND (02) / Selvika: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter / © Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter As - Rra
SENJA (03) / Bergsbotn. Code arkitektur / ©Jarle Wæhler, Statens vegvesen
ANDØYA (04) / Bukkekjerka. Morfeus Arkitekter / © Harald Christian Eiken
LOFOTEN (05) / Eggum. Snøhetta / © Jarle Wæhler, Statens vegvesen
HELGELANDSKYSTEN (06) / Ureddplassen. Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter / 
ATLANTERHAVSVEGEN (07) / Askevåge. 3RW Arkitekter / © Roger Ellingsen, Statens vegvesen
GEIRANGER-TROLLSTIGEN (08) / Trollstigen. Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter / © Steinar Skaar, Statens vegvesen
GAMLE STRYNEFJELLSVEGEN (09) / Askevåge. 3RW Arkitekter / © Werner Harstad, Statens vegvesen
RONDANE (10) / Sohlbergplassen. Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk / © Jørn Hagen, Statens vegvesen
SOGNEFJELLET (11) / Sognefjellshytta. Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor / © Jarle Wæhler, Statens vegvesen
VALDRESFLYE (12) / Rjupa. Knut Hjeltnes Sivilarkitekter MNAL / © Helge Stikbakke, Statens vegvesen
GAULARFJELLET (13) / Utsikten. Code arkitektur / © Miguel Galiano
AURLANDSFJELLET (14) / Stegastein. Todd Saunders, Tommie Wilhelmsen / © Vegar Moen, Statens vegvesen
HARDANGER (15) / Steinsdalsfossen. Jarmund, Vigsnaes / © Roger Ellingsen, Statens vegvesen
HARDANGERVIDDA (16) / Vøringsfossen. Carl-Viggo Hølmebakk / © Silja Lena Løken, Statens vegvesen
© Roger Ellingsen, Statens vegvesen

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