Ecoalf Clothes
Upcycling the Oceans
ECOALF clothes are made of thread manufactured with recycled plastic collected from the ocean. The collaboration of local fishermen, who recover waste daily from the seabed, is essential to make the project possible.

‘Upcycling the Oceans’ is the proposal launched by the clothes and accessories brand ECOALF to remove trash from the oceans with the help of local fishermen, creating in this way a project that can be exported to any place in the world. The objective is to recover the residues that are destroying the Mediterranean and its habitat, and to transform them into quality threads to produce fabrics and clothing. In contrast to what has been achieved up to now recycling ground waste, this initiative is particularly complex because of the different quality of these plastics, almost always in a bad state due to exposure to the sun, salt, and water. The project is developed in three phases. The first one is seeking the collaboration of fishermen and training them. Currently each one of the 165 boats participating in the project is removing daily between four and six kilograms of waste from the seabed. Approximately 60% is plastic. During the second phase, the plastic residues are converted into flakes and pellets through the integration of sophisticated technological processes. Lastly, the pellets are transformed into thread to manufacture the fabrics used by ECOALF to make clothes.

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