Luis Barragán: Inspiración, Magia y Embrujo
Grupo Cosentino + Arquiphilia
Jalisco, Mexico
Cosentino Group in collaboration with Arquiphilia, present in Jalisco a collective exhibition in memory of the Mexican architect Luis Barragán Morfín in the 30th anniversary of his death.

Inspiration, Magic and Embrujo represents another exercise in the compilation and diffusion of Architecture by Arquiphilia, which through collective exhibitions summons architects' offices to pay homage to the characters who have made history in Mexico, this time to Luis Barragán, the only Mexican winner of the Pritzker Prize, pillar of Architecture in Mexico and international reference in the formation of thousands of generations of architects. The exhibition synthesizes in a particular way the interpretation by the participants of the essence of Barragán's Architecture, it is fascinating to see how the proposals evoke: shapes, colors, spaces and details of his work.

For the production of the sculptural pieces, the ultracompact Dekton® stone material selected by the architects was used from modules and models of their choice. The material was cut, painted, attached, mounted on clay, wood, metal and any other treatment according to the creativity and design of each one of them.

The result has been a collective exhibition where a closer contact with a genius of architecture is fostered in the public, in the same way it leads us to discover the sensitivity of the professionals who make the city every day, it is a show where as spectators We are invited to seek and share our own aesthetic opinions about how the architects themselves captured in a piece a dialogue without words where they merge their own vision with that of a great Mexican, the unforgettable and timeless Luis Barragán.

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