Ricardo Santonja, a Photographic Tale
'The art of building in Spain'
Ricardo Santonja (Málaga, 1966) graduated in Geography and History and holds a PhD in Architecture. A professor at the University of Zaragoza, he is an artist and professional photographer since 1989.

The exhibition ‘El arte de la construcción en España’ (The Art of Building in Spain) offers a glimpse at Spanish contemporary architecture through the gaze of the Málaga-born photographer Ricardo Santonja. The more than fifty images take stock of the fertile construction period in the peninsula over the past years, with works by prominent national and international architects like Carlos Ferrater, Carme Pinós, Santiago Calatrava, Rafael de La-Hoz, Fernando Menis, Federico Soriano and Herzog & de Meuron, among many others. He interprets these images anew through his so-called ‘poems of light,’ a series of photographs which deconstruct familiar scenes, abstracting them and endowing the pictured buildings with a new identity, aside from giving the exhibition a global narrative. This effect is achieved through a deliberate movement of the camera.
_x005F_x000D_ Organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation through AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation), the exhibition is curated by Alberto R. Cubas and Yvonne Prados, and it has already traveled to cities like Rome, Madrid, Tallinn, Moscow or Tokyo.

Amann-Cánovas-Maruri, Monteagudo Museum, Murcia. ©Ricardo Santonja
Poem of Light, M30, Madrid ©Ricardo Santonja
Navarro Baldeweg, Human Evolution Museum, Burgos. ©Ricardo Santonja
F. Fariña, Dance and Music Space, Madrid. ©Ricardo Santonja
Vicens y Ramos, Santa Mónica Church, Madrid. ©Ricardo Santonja
Rafael Moneo, Iesu Church, San Sebastián. ©Ricardo Santonja
Cosentino Dekton Factory, Almería. ©Ricardo Santonja

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