Stephen Walter's Drawings
Mapping the World
Londres, Inglaterra
Stephen Walter (London, 1975) uses obsessive drawing as a research tool and method. This section features four of his best known works: Similands (2006), The Island (2008), Nova Utopia (2013), and Hub (2007-2010).

A collection of complex maps made up of words, doodles, anecdotes, and drawings that portray the cities represented, but also the author himself, who reflects his personal experiences, interests, and critiques on them. The extraordinary meticulousness and small size of each drawing makes the details hardly noticeable from the distance, _x005F_x000D_ left to be discovered only from up close.

Similands (2006). ©Stephen Walter
Barking. ©Stephen Walter
Barnet. ©Stephen Walter
Bromley. ©Stephen Walter
Croydon. ©Stephen Walter
Ealing. ©Stephen Walter
Hackney. ©Stephen Walter
The Island. ©Stephen Walter

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