The Playscape

waa / we architects anonymous
Beijing, China

This refurbishment inside an existing industrial complex recreates the experience of street play and prioritizes the reduction for gizmos

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Photos: © Tian Fangfang

We architects anonymous (waa) believes the missing element of a child’s development in a modern Chinese city is chiefly a functioning neighborhood; the Playscape embodied ‘hide and seek’, the adventure playground, ‘Nook and Crany’, the maze and fantasy traits in order to promote learning while allowing narrative creation for children to dream and develop senses related to equilibrium and proprioception. The building complex is formed by a cluster of existing warehouses encircling a courtyard which also provides three internal play spaces.

Playspace 1 is a single level low pitched 6m volume. Used for 2-4 year olds as a crawlspace with hanging fabrics. Features also include a soft space topography for babies supplemented with a restaurant and library. Playspace 2 is divided vertically into three levels. A tiered environment for ages over 4 including a subterranean interactive environment, a steep climbing topography, with a suspended tensile net all connected with slides. The South Building competes the courtyard adjacent to the road with views into a public park.

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