"Under" Restaurant
Båly, Norway
"Under", the first European underwater restaurat,arises from the water at the southernmost point of the Norwegian coast, in the village of Båly.

Like a sunken periscope, the restaurant – which will also function as a marine life research center – offers magnificent views of the aquatic environment and its variations through seasons and changing weather.

© Snohetta
© Snohetta

The monolithic form of the building lies against the craggy shoreline, immersed in the water and resting on the sea bed five meters below the water’s surface.The meter-thick concrete walls are prepared to withstand pressure and shock from rugged sea conditions, while forming a ‘shell’ of coarse-surfaced cement that lures mussels to cling to it and eventually create an artificial reef. More than an aquarium, the structure will become part of the marine ecosystem.

© Snohetta

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