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The ultimate mineral HybriQ surface

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Designed for Life

Silestone is a key part of your home, and therefore a key part in your life. It’s present for all of those special moments at home which are worth remembering. Silestone has been designed to enhance your home, wellbeing, and bring your dream interior space to life.

Silestone is a hybrid surface comprising minerals and recycled materials, manufactured by using the exclusive and innovative HybriQ+ technology. The result is deep colours and stunning textures. Thanks to this technology, minimum maintenance is required and the sustainable surface boasts high resistance to scratches and stains, perfect for the demands of every day use.

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Silestone benefits

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Hardness and durability

High resistance to knocks, scratches and daily wear and tear.
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Suited to all styles

Wide range of colours and textures.
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High stain-resistance

Its low porosity makes it resistant to common stains.

Et Calacatta Gold

Silestone Top Colour 2020

Get Inspired by the Newest Silestone Series

Silestone is at the forefront of surface design, introducing new aesthetics and chromatic patterns which allow you to customise your worktop with your personal style, just the way you want it.
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Image of logo silestone web eternal in What is Silestone - Cosentino Inspired by natural stone, the capricious creativity of nature draws the colors of Silestone’s Eternal series. In the singularity of each vein, of each shade, lies a unique beauty capable of giving elegance and personality to spaces designed to seduce.
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Image of loft series logo negro in What is Silestone - Cosentino The LOFT series by Silestone rescues the hidden warmth of cements. It’s a tribute to urban spaces of iconic locations, to the industrial style that acquires a new meaning in the home. LOFT series display a scale of grays full of soul that allows the creation of raw interiors.

Loft Series

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Easy maintenance and cleaning with a 25 year Warranty

Silestone – FAQs

Silestone surfaces offer technical and aesthetic properties suitable for the design of kitchen worktops, bathroom countertops, wall cladding, flooring, furniture, sinks, washbasins and shower trays. This makes it possible to create spaces with different applications to match and play with each other.

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Silestone is offered in 325 x 159 cm slabs. It is available in 12, 20 and 30 mm thicknesses for worktops, and 12 and 20 mm for flooring and cladding. Silestone also offers standard or custom formats for flooring and pavements. Furthermore, it features a wide range of kitchen sinks, washbasins and shower trays.

Silestone cleaning and maintenance is very easy – just wash with soap and water.