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A kitchen born to be an influencer

Gina Mannberg, Skandinaviska Shakerkök

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Skåne, Sweden




Nolita with matt Suede finish


Worktop and backsplash

Architecture / Design

Gina Mannberg, Skandinaviska Shakerkök


20 mm


House of Design



Scandinavian craftsmanship and light in the kitchen

There are kitchens that inspire thousands of people all over the world, and Skandinaviska Shakerkök’s is one of the most famous on social media. The reason is simple: its Scandinavian-style design, its simplicity and harmony, the natural materials used and the ‘handmade’ approach are values admired by thousands of followers. This company – whose Instagram account shares kitchen refurbishments that are intended to be informative guides – is run by photographer and content creator Gina Mannberg together with Johan Daun in Malmö. When Gina is not taking photos, she focuses on renovating and planning kitchens. The latest was this one, at her family home in Skåne, in the south of Sweden, where she lives with her family, children and dogs.

‘We wanted to use every corner of the kitchen for storage, but also try to get as much working space as possible. We also wanted to have a kitchen island where we could prepare food and at the same time see the rest of the room,’ Mannberg explains. In addition, she was looking for a material with the beauty, feel and texture of stone, which would complement the handcrafted woodwork. Her main concern when designing this family living space was scratches and stains. So she found the ideal solution in Silestone Nolita and its earthy tone that fits in perfectly with any kitchen style.

Designs inspired by nature

‘Shaker’ Kitchens are designed by this renowned interior design firm, which is characterised by the use of solid wood and linseed oil paint. The lack of decoration and the purity of its lines define this timeless style. ‘We draw a lot of inspiration from the colours of nature. We like good materials and honest designs,’ Mannberg explains. In the case of this kitchen, the firm has been inspired by the colours of the beaches of Skåne. ‘During the refurbishment we stayed temporarily in Falsterbo and took a daily walk along the beach. The colours of the water, the changing sea, the sand, the stones, the misty autumn sky, all inspired us to create the feeling of home,’ she says.

A challenging project

No design is without its challenges and, in this case, the biggest was to plan a particularly complex corner. ‘We demolished the slanted wall and planned to make a 90-degree corner there, but it didn’t work because of the pipes behind that wall. We had to reconsider everything completely. Finally, the hob was placed in that corner and everything fitted perfectly,’ she explains. Another difficulty was the position of the window, which was low and did not allow cabinets to be fitted, as it prevented light from entering. ‘To solve this, we placed a bench with storage space in front, so we had a well laid out surface,’ she says.

Attention to detail

The other key issue in this functional kitchen was the choice of the worktop, for which Silestone was used, precisely because of its easy maintenance, beauty and durability, as well as the sustainability of the material. ‘We could not have imagined that it would be possible to manufacture a worktop that would fit these special dimensions and angles. But we have found it and we are proud to have made such sustainable decisions. Hopefully this kitchen will still be there in 100 years’ time,’ she concludes.

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