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Large kitchen to live

A common space for the traditional and the modern

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Wanbourough (Wiltshire)






2 cm


Elmore Kitchens


countertop and island

A modernizing job for a kitchen with lots of personality.

Most decisions are based on ideas from here and from there. From that very human perspective, the request received by Elmore Kitchens –an interior design studio in Bath, England– was a mix of the tastes of the owners of Pond House, in Wanbourough (Wiltshire).

As explained by the director of Design at Elmore Kitchens, Vicky Elmore, those owners “wanted a contemporary-style kitchen but were also drawn to more traditional designs, as they didn’t want the room to look too clinical.”

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A creative desing to enjoy

Elmore Kitchens proposed knocking down walls to create a large space without any tension or obstacles. The horizontal surfaces of the kitchen at Pond House are topped with 2-cm.-thick Silestone polished slabs in the Yukon color, which brings a serene luminosity and chromatic calm.

To create an effective contrast with the modernity of Silestone Yukon, Elmore Kitchens used a Spekva wooden countertop. As Vicky Elmore puts it, the blend of both elements became “the ‘wow’ factor that my clients were waiting for.”

There were elements that required special creativity from the interior designers. For example, “the different ceiling heights, which included a pitched roof with ceiling beams plus a flat roof in the new part of the extension,” says the creative director of Elmore Kitchens. The designers didn’t hesitate to juggle the situation, integrating the countertop around the pillars.

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A perfect result

This isn’t the first time that Elmore Kitchens has worked with Cosentino, and there are plenty of reason. “We like to focus on functionality as well as design. Beautiful spaces need to work well and everyone has different needs,”says Vicky Elmore.

One more time, Cosentino surfaces are chosen by interior design studios from all over the world. Silestone is the perfect design to create a kitchen like this one, whose goal is becoming the space to cook, to meet, to live…

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