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Overbudget breaks with the restaurant concept

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Overbudget is a different and a multi-purpose space to conceptualize, try new recipes and drinks, hold group meetings and organize events.Chef and restauranteur, Grant van Gameren is the owner of 6 restaurants in Toronto, Canada. He worked closely with Studio Junction Architect and Design Studio on the design for Overbudget.

One of Canada’s best-known chefs and restaurateurs, the self-taught Grant Van Gameren, first rose to prominence as co-owner and head chef of The Black Hoof. He now owns six restaurants and bars in Toronto, including the award-winning Bar Isabel and Bar Raval, as well as El Rey, Tennessee Tavern, Harry’s Charbroiled and PrettyUgly. His newest restaurant, Quetzal, opened in early 2018 and features authentic, regional Mexican cuisine. He recently launched an innovative catering service, Victor Dries, with partner Chris Brown.

The Overbudget Offices was a complete renovation combining modern Japanese and Scandinavian design influences. Grant van Gameren worked closely with Studio Junction Architect and Design Studio to design the space to be a creative platform and a central hub for partners and employees under the Overbudget Inc. umbrella. The primary functions of the multi-purpose space are to conceptualize, test new recipes and drinks, and to hold group meetings and launch events. Whether it be a weekly meeting about financials, finetuning a dish, or testing a new cocktail concoction. The space was created to elicit discussion and encourage feedback.

Functionality is equally as important as the design of the Overbudget Offices. Ultra-compact Dekton and Silestone quartz surfaces play a significant role in the design. There were utilized throughout as countertops, backsplashes and wall cladding. This allows Van Gameren and his team to work in a worry-free environment resistant to stains, heat and scratches. Dekton in Glacier was used for the kitchen island, bartop, the bar prep area’s countertops, and backsplash where it consistently stands up to stubborn stains. Silestone in Charcoal Soapstone was installed for the kitchen countertops and backsplash. This created a striking juxtaposition between the kitchen and the rest of the open space. The architects and designers who worked on the project were Christine Ho Ping Kong, Peter Tan, and Carlos Arce Cruz.

Dekton in Glacier was used for the kitchen island. It demonstrated extreme durability when faced with the unforgiving force of a working chef.



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