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The architects Peri-Davidovich & their design on wheels

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Peri-Davidovich is one of the leading architecture and design firms in Israel. It was founded by Hanan Peri and Shalom Davidovich in 1988. Their work ranges from private residences and apartaments to high-rise buildings, offices, and commercial spaces in Israel, Europe and Africa.

Cosentino Israel experts recently completed Hyundai’s ambitious new showroom, which covers 14,000 square feet of floor space. The Hyundai showroom is yet another one of the string of automobile showrooms in which Cosentino Israel has played a part. These include Mazda-Ford and Mercedes.

Under the guidance of the Peri-Davidovich Architects, the showroom floor was covered in half-inch thick Dekton Sirocco panels. The decision to go with Dekton came naturally to the architects. Since Dekton has achieved the perfect blend of high aesthetics and first-class technical performance (including extreme durability) while remaining simple and easy to maintain.

Cosentino Israel was tasked with surfacing the showroom floor as an original, custom creation that would create as little residue as possible. The hexagonal design chosen, with its clean lines, radiates inner strength. Each hexagon was comprised of 12 tiles in varying shapes.

To accommodate Hyundai’s more luxurious models, the architects sought to create a gorgeous tableau of hexagons. They chose Dekton Sirocco and Dekton Domoos tiles as the general pattern. The hexagons were highlighted with grouting formed by an aluminum strip, which added interest to the emerging pattern. The result, as the customers themselves attest, successfully broke new ground in its aesthetic achievement.

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