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Cosentino Design Alliance Member, Nina Magon Discusses Creative Process & More

This year Cosentino unveiled its latest influencer program, the Cosentino Design Alliance. The inaugural class comprises seven leading interior designers across North America, with expertise spanning the residential, hospitality and commercial spaces. 


One of which is Nina Magon, an international, multi-award-winning interior designer and TV personality renowned for her signature refined modern aesthetic that perfectly balances bold, high design with a luxurious appeal. In an exclusive Q&A below, Nina discusses her creative process, work as a designer and more.

Nina Magon  | Houston, Texas

As Creative Director of Contour Interior Design, Nina seeks first to create a vision and then execute it for each client, designing one-of-a-kind environments tailored to the client’s unique taste, with an emphasis on skillfully executed, flawless detail. Contour is lauded in its industry for its integration of design innovation, construction expertise, and business acumen. Her lavish residential, commercial and hospitality spaces have won national and international acclaim as she has been recognized as one of the top designers and most creative in the world by leading publications, such as Hospitality Design, Interior Design, Architectural Digest, The Wall Street Journal and more.

  1. What’s the best advice you’ve been given when it comes to design or your career?

To be bold and authentic. To get noticed, you must go against the grain and constantly educate yourself to become a better version of yourself. You must push your limits and accept change as a natural progression to achievement. I have stayed true to my design aesthetic of forward-thinking and modern design, and that is what has propelled me in my career. You must have a strong passion and be willing to eat, sleep, and dream your vision to achieve any kind of success. The vision must be clear.

  1. What do you consider to be a pivotal moment in your career?

When I was hand-picked by Oprah Winfrey’s interior designer, Nate Berkus, to appear on NBC’s American Dream Builders in which 12 of the most notable, respected, and established designers and builders from around the country competed to win the title of the first American Dream Builder. I was a semi-finalist in this national competition and was praised for my high level of taste and aesthetics. The success and the exposure gained from being on TV propelled my career in the design industry and elevated my name in the industry.  

  1. What is your favorite Cosentino color? 

Dekton Aura. It is a stunning color that resembles marble and can be used in many different applications. I have used this color in many projects and love its versatility.


  1. Name one destination you find inspiring, and why.

My heritage country of India. In my childhood, I visited India practically every summer and experienced the most architecturally exquisite buildings such as the Taj Mahal, The Red Fort, and the Golden Temple, to name a few. When shopping in the local bazaar and attending countless fashion shows, I developed an admiration for materials. Silks, chiffons, beadwork, metalwork, jewelry, and all shiny objects were fascinating to me. India has so much to offer from a cultural perspective and I find so much inspiration from it.


  1. Can you share a favorite or memorable project that you specified Cosentino for?

51fifteen restaurant inside of Saks Fifth Avenue in Houston, Texas, which ultimately was the first and largest Dekton installation in North America. The owner presented us with an empty shell and really allowed us to use our creativity in an expressive way.  Dekton by Cosentino was showcased throughout this project from floor to the ceiling and it really expressed the versatility of the product.  


Saks Fifth Avenue in Houston, Texas

  1. How do you think the coronavirus will impact the design industry and/or the way you design?

The coronavirus has really shown people the value of their personal environments and how important good design, functional design, and eco-friendly design is for your home. Since people have been forced to stay in their homes more lately, they realize how the environment you stay in constantly can affect your mood, energy, and well-being. The coronavirus has encouraged people to update their home environments in a way that benefits the well-being of themselves and their families.

  1. In your opinion, what is the most important design element when it comes to making a house feel like home? Why?

Space, and utilizing it effectively. You have to consider how the usable and negative space of your interiors will cater to the needs of the people that use it daily without it hindering its functionality. In order to make your spaces feel like home, you must find balance with the negative and usable space to achieve a cozy aesthetic that has a cohesive flow throughout your home.


Saks Fifth Avenue in Houston, Texas