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Cosentino innovating for a better tomorrow

Valentin Tijeras, VP Global Product & Innovation at Cosentino shares exclusive insight into the future of innovation at Cosentino.

Cosentino prides itself on continuous innovation and pushing boundaries, and nowhere does this come to life more clearly than with our Product and Innovation teams. We spoke with Valentin Tijeras, Vice President of Global Product and Innovation at Cosentino Group to get an inside look at the exciting innovation Cosentino has in store. 

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Cosentino Industrial Park in Almeria, Spain.

Tell us a bit about your role at Cosentino

I am the VP of Global Product and Innovation at Cosentino, and in my role, I push and find new and creative ways to innovate the company’s products and services to continue adding value to our partners and customers. My position entails a deep understanding of every market in which we operate and working cross-disciplinarily with every department to make these goals a reality. Innovation is about risks and redefining boundaries and doing it with energy and synchronization. 

Can you tell us about Cosentino’s latest product innovations?

At Cosentino, we are serial innovators. There’s so much I’m proud of, but there are a couple of things we’ve done in recent years that I’d like to highlight:

  • HybriQ: a new way to make quartz surfaces more sustainable, more environmentally conscious, and healthier for everyone involved in the value chain. This technology beautifully redefines raw materials and elevates processes and know-how. 
  • Dekton Slim: a super high-performance 4 mm thick slab that allows for the cladding of almost any surface in a wide variety of applications. 
  • Evita: the new Silestone jointless sinks that are incredibly easy to maintain and provide a gorgeous design that integrates seamlessly into the vanity top.

Where do you see the future of the industry in 5-10 years?

Only time will tell, but I definitely foresee an increase in the importance brands give sustainability. Also, a more realistic look incorporating full-body designs and new and unique finishes

What’s next for Cosentino? What are the big milestones?

Company-wide there are substantial efforts and investments being made to make our products and processes more sustainable and reduce our carbon footprint. We are constantly working to make our production capacities more flexible to offer an even wider range of products and more customization in terms of colors, sizes, thicknesses, finishes, and more. After a year of high pressure to deliver under increasing demand, we are preparing for a big revamp of the Dekton portfolio in 2022. 

What Cosentino innovation are you most excited about?

Innovations that are related to sustainability and environmental conservation definitely excite and inspire me the most. Not only from a business standpoint but also as a legacy to leave behind for future generations.

Stay tuned for more exciting innovations around the corner, and in the words of Tijeras, “the best is yet to come...”