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Create Beautiful & Sustainable Spaces with Cosentino

Every year in April we celebrate Earth Month, but at Cosentino, commitment to our planet and sustainable practices is year-round. Our corporate mission statement, “inspiring people through innovative and sustainable spaces” says it best, we inject eco-friendly consciousness in everything we do, including our partnerships. 

We’re proud to work with amazing designers and members of the Cosentino Design Alliance who share our same values and respect for our planet. These designers have sustainability at the core of their creative work and go out of their way to ensure their projects leave a positive mark on our planet. In the spirit of Earth Month, our top designers shared some tips and tricks to create sustainable spaces and give us a behind-the-scenes look at sustainability best practices when designing amazing spaces. 


Environmentally conscious design starts at the beginning: with the materials. “Dekton has many progressive eco-friendly processes in the manufacturing while using sustainable practices and post-consumer materials,” says Nar Bustamante, Designer and President of Nar Design Group. Which is why it has also become the go-to surface for Richard T. Anuszkiewicz, CEO at Richar Living.

Another key component in creating a sustainable space is how we decide to furnish, decorate, and light it. Bustamante encourages us to shop local or national from trusted sources, while Nina Magon, Principal CEO at Nina Magon Studio makes sure to incorporate LED lighting. “LED bulbs last 25 times longer than incandescent ones. Installing LED bulbs into pendant lights and lamps throughout your home will provide attractive lighting at a fraction of the energy cost,” she says. Additionally, Magon believes it is crucial to look at the manufacturing details and materials of the furniture we’re buying, because “…even furnishings that are made of eco-friendly materials can be manufactured in a way that is harmful to our planet.”


Our designers also encourage us to remember to not let cost be the main deciding factor in our choices. Purchasing sustainable products might come at a bit more premium, but as  Anuszkiewicz states, “realizing this purchase is a long-term investment and has an environmental impact on the world” is incredibly important.  

Join us on our quest to create beautiful, sustainable spaces!