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Customized vanity top: 4 bathroom’s design concepts

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To properly design a bathroom and create a well-decorated and more functional space, it is essential to bear different aspects in mind, like the materials used, the layout, the luminosity and the overall conception of the room

Encimeras de baño a medidaModern bathroom with stone floor

It is also important that each element complements the selected style: from the floor to the wall coverings, the shower or the bathtub, but also the toilets, the lighting and of course, the vanity top. As a customized vanity top is an eye-catching central piece, it has to fit with the rest of the components to create a well-balanced, practical and elegant room.

Customized vanity top: How to choose one?

One of the things that stand out in a luxury bathroom is the vanity top, and it is the designers, decorators and architects mission to find the best vanity top to create a functional, but also stylish and upscale bathroom. And what is more exclusive then a tailored bathroom? In this post, we will show you the importance of customized vanity tops and we will guide you to choose the ideal option to enjoy a the perfect bathroom.

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Modern style bathroom: The refinement of modernity

Encimeras de baño a medidaMakai floor, Dekton by Cosentino

As an example of this style, we’ve selected this bathroom designed by MCA Studio. Thanks to the use of lighter wood, its curved lines give it a very modern retro feel. The roof’s skyline floods the room with natural light for a fresh and clean look. The white customized vanity top instills a sophisticated touch, also serving as a dresser.

The vertical layout of the storage spaces, as well as the large drawer, allows you to enjoy a more organized and uncluttered bathroom.

Avant-garde bathroom: a new monochromatic perspective

Encimeras de baño a medidaBubbles, Silestone by Cosentino

Straight and clean lines, along with colors within the same range, prevail in avant-garde bathrooms. In this contemporary designed bathroom case, the predominant colors are white, black and grey. Both window and skylight widen the room and bring out the warmth needed to contrast with the sobriety of this concept. The selected shower, made of Silestone’s natural plated quartz, lightens up the ensemble.

Moreover, the customized vanity top blends in perfectly with the other elements, therefore achieving a modern and minimalistic stylishly designed bathroom.


Organic style bathroom: the durability of natural features

Encimeras de baño a medida

The organic and natural trend has now even reached bathroom designs. It’s probably because the bathroom is the ideal space to infuse a warm and harmonious ambience. The following example displays a small garden inside the bathroom, which offers contrast with the type of finishing of the grey and white concrete walls. The customized wooden vanity top color gives this cozy setting a special touch. Made of real wood or of a super-compact surface imitating the texture and coating of wood, this large unit brings warmth to the set.

Classic or vintage style bathrooms: Contrasting black and gold

Encimeras de baño a medidaClassic bathroom

If you are looking to build a more traditional bathroom, you can opt for this classic design, which features curved lines, classic style elements and some golden details for taps, wall lamps and other accessories. This black and white bathroom combining vintage style with modern elements is the perfect relaxing haven of a stylish and sumptuous home.

The contrasting black and white used for the furniture, coatings and floors, also plays an important role in designing more modern and classy bathrooms. Components like the footed bathtub and the unusual washbasin base cabinet, topped with a veined black customized vanity top, will make your room upscale and unique.

Enjoying the design of a customized vanity top becomes a unique option to create a completely tailored and unique space. Quartz or other super-compact materials are used to create personalized units suited for the needs of each customer.

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